Electoral Amendment Act 2017

43 Section 98 amended (Removal of names from roll by Registrar)


In the heading to section 98, replace Registrar with Electoral Commission.


In section 98(1), replace “Registrar shall” with “Electoral Commission must”.


In section 98(1)(b), replace “the Registrar” with “the Electoral Commission” in each place.


In section 98(1)(d), replace “Registrar of Electors” with “Electoral Commission”.


In section 98(1)(f)(i) and (ii), (2), and (3), replace “Registrar” with “Electoral Commission”.


Replace section 98(4) with:


The Electoral Commission may, subject to subsection (6), place a person’s name on the roll if—


the person has been registered as an elector of a district other than the district in which the person should have been registered; and


the person’s name has, under subsection (1)(h) or (i), been removed from the roll of the district for which the person was correctly registered.


In section 98(5), replace “Registrar shall” with “Electoral Commission must”.