Electoral Amendment Act 2017

47 Section 102 replaced (Maintenance of rolls being replaced)

Replace section 102 with:

102 Maintenance of rolls being replaced


If the Electoral Commission has compiled the lists referred to in section 101(1)(b), it is not obliged to keep the rolls up to date for the districts that were in existence immediately before the gazetting, under section 40(1)(b) or 45(9)(b), of the notice that immediately preceded the compilation of those lists.


Despite subsection (1), the Electoral Commission must ensure that it has available to it, until the roll for a district ceases to be in force, all information (which may include or consist of photocopies of original documents) necessary to enable it to bring the roll up to date in the event of a by-election in that district.


If a by-election is to take place in a district to which subsection (1) applies, the Electoral Commission must ensure that an up-to-date composite roll for the district is closed and printed as at writ day for the by-election.