Electoral Amendment Act 2017

54 Section 110 amended (Public inspection of rolls, etc)


In section 110(1), replace “Office of the Registrar of Electors” with “office of the Electoral Commission for the district”.


In section 110(3), replace “the Registrar’s office,” with “the offices of the Electoral Commission,”.


In section 110(3)(b) and (f)(ii), replace “Registrar” with “Electoral Commission”.


In section 110(7), replace “Registrar shall” with “Electoral Commission must”.


Replace section 110(8) with:


If land in a General electoral district is included within the boundaries of a Maori electoral district, a copy of the most recent computer-compiled list printed under section 109(5) for the Maori electoral district must be kept open for inspection by the public at the offices of the Electoral Commission for those districts.