Electoral Amendment Act 2017

63 Section 127 amended (Election of list candidates)


Replace section 127(2) with:


The list must—


list candidates in order of the party’s preference, commencing with the first in order of preference and ending with the last; and


set out the contact details of each candidate; and


contain a declaration made by the secretary, in the manner provided by section 9 of the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957, that states—


that each candidate is qualified to be a candidate and to be elected; and


whether the party is a party in respect of which there are 1 or more component parties; and


if the party has 1 or more component parties, the name of each component party; and


be in a form that the Electoral Commission has approved.


In section 127(3), delete “, and the declaration required by subsection (3A),”.


In section 127(3)(a), replace “the date specified in the writ for the election of constituency candidates as the latest date for the nomination of constituency candidates” with “the day before nomination day”.