Electoral Amendment Act 2017

95 Section 197 amended (Interfering with or influencing voters)


In section 197(1)(g), after “New Zealand or regional or campaign headquarters (not being mobile headquarters) of a political party”, insert “or a member of Parliament’s out-of-Parliament office”.


After section 197(1)(j), insert:


in respect of an advance voting place or a buffer zone, as defined in section 197A(10), does any of the things prohibited in that section.


After section 197(2A), insert:


It is a defence to a prosecution for an offence against subsection (1)(k) that relates to the exhibition of a statement, name, emblem, slogan, or logo in an advance voting place or a buffer zone if the defendant proves that—


the exhibition was inadvertent; and


the defendant caused the exhibition to cease as soon as the defendant was notified by the Electoral Commission or a manager of the advance voting place that the exhibition was taking place.