161 Consultation by Inspector-General


In carrying out his or her functions, the Inspector-General must have regard to the functions of the Auditor-General in relation to an intelligence and security agency and may consult the Auditor-General about any matter with a view to avoiding inquiries being conducted into that matter by both the Inspector-General and the Auditor-General.


The Inspector-General may—


consult any of the persons specified in subsection (3) about any matter relating to the functions of the Inspector-General; and


despite section 218(1), disclose to any of the persons consulted any information that the Inspector-General considers necessary for the purpose of the consultation.


The persons are—


the Auditor-General:


an Ombudsman:


the Privacy Commissioner:


a Human Rights Commissioner:


the Independent Police Conduct Authority:


the State Services Commissioner.


Nothing in this section limits the functions, duties, or powers of the Auditor-General, an Ombudsman, the Privacy Commissioner, a Human Rights Commissioner, the Independent Police Conduct Authority, or the State Services Commissioner under any enactment.

Compare: 1996 No 47 ss 12, 15(3)