Education (Update) Amendment Act 2017

14 New section 11IA inserted (Development of enrolment scheme by Secretary)

After section 11I, insert:

11IA Development of enrolment scheme by Secretary


If a board receives a notice under section 11H(1) and if an enrolment scheme is not developed by it within a reasonable period, the Secretary may develop an enrolment scheme for the school.


In developing an enrolment scheme, the Secretary must—


follow the process set out in section 11H(3) and (4) as if he or she was the board; and


be satisfied of the matters listed in section 11I(1).


A board must implement an enrolment scheme developed under this section.


The Secretary must specify, in the enrolment scheme, the date on which the scheme commences.


Section 11K(1) and (2) does not apply to an enrolment scheme made under this section.