Education (Update) Amendment Act 2017

57 Section 78I amended (Application of interventions)


After section 78I(1)(c), insert:


a requirement by the Secretary that the board attend a case conference to enable a particular issue or issues to be discussed and actions to be agreed:


a requirement by the Secretary that the board engage an appropriately qualified person to undertake a specialist audit of any aspect of the school’s affairs:


the issuing by the Secretary to the board of a performance notice requiring the board to carry out a specified action by a specified date:


the appointment by the Minister of a trustee (who may be the presiding trustee) to the board for a specified period of time:


After section 78I(1), insert:


The Secretary may apply any of the interventions described in subsection (1)(a) to (cc) to a school if he or she has reasonable grounds for concern about the operation of the school, or the welfare, or educational performance of its students.


In section 78I(2), replace “subsection (1)(b) to (e)” with “subsection (1)(cd) to (e)”.


In section 78I(3)(b), replace “an integrated school” with “a State integrated school”.