Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Fuel Industry Act 2020

Public Act
2020 No 60
Date of assent
11 August 2020
see section 2


5Transitional, savings, and related provisions
6Act binds the Crown
7Status of examples
8Application and definition
9Obligation to post terminal gate price
10Right to request same-day supply
11Wholesale supplier must supply at terminal gate price
12Reasonable grounds to refuse to supply
13Regulations under this subpart
14Application of this subpart
15Transparency obligation
16Transparent pricing under fixed wholesale contracts
17Right to terminate certain fixed wholesale contracts
18Maximum percentage of annual requirement of engine fuel that may be subject to exclusivity
19Wholesale contractual terms that limit ability of reseller to compete
20Regulations under this subpart
21Purpose of this subpart
22Obligation to comply with consumer information requirements
23Notice to take corrective action
24Consumer information requirements may be prescribed
25Purposes of this subpart
26Obligation to comply with information disclosure requirements
27Information disclosure requirements may be prescribed
28Publication of analysis or summary
29Information sharing between Commission and chief executive
30Pecuniary penalties
31Proceedings for pecuniary penalties
32Court may order compensation
33Application of Commerce Act 1986
34Additional proceedings
35Court may grant injunction
36When court may grant restraining injunctions
37When court may grant performance injunctions
38Commission’s undertaking as to damages not required
39Other orders
40Jurisdiction of High Court
41Jurisdiction of District Court
42Offences in respect of sections 98 and 98A of Commerce Act 1986
43Onus of proving certain provisions are reasonably necessary
44Limitation period for proceedings
45Application of Commerce Act 1986
46Dispute arising from subpart 1 or 2 of Part 2 must be referred to mediation
47Other regulations
48Differential regulations
49Chief executive may approve forms
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: