Appropriation (2011/12 Estimates) Bill

  • enacted

Schedule 1
Appropriations for expenses and for capital expenditure for year 2011/12

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 AppropriationExpenses or capital expenditure
ACC 3 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy and Monitoring2,699
    Regulatory Services163
  3 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Case Management and Supporting Services67,863
    Case Management and Supporting Services - Treatment Injuries for Non-Earners'11,028
    Public Health Acute Services258,963
    Public Health Acute Services - Treatment Injuries for Non-Earners'766
    Rehabilitation Entitlements and Services566,291
    Rehabilitation Entitlements and Services - Treatment Injuries for Non-Earners'169,997
  3 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Compensation Entitlements4,001
    Compensation Entitlements - Treatment Injuries for Non-Earners'9,477
Agriculture and Forestry 7 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration and Management of Crown Forestry Assets1,709
    Administration of Grants and Programmes10,507
    Animal Welfare Education and Enforcement4,729
    Implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme and Indigenous Forestry12,539
    Policy Advice35,395
  7 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Climate Change Research9,200
    Management of Crown Forestry Assets106,688
    Support for Walking Access1,789
  8 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Rural Veterinarians Bonding Scheme1,430
  8 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Adverse Climatic Events526
    Afforestation Grant Scheme7,020
    Community Irrigation Fund and Schemes2,184
    East Coast Afforestation Grants5,286
    Hill Country Erosion Fund2,200
    Primary Growth Partnership83,213
    Subscriptions to International Organisations2,328
    Sustainable Farming Fund8,850
Arts, Culture and Heritage 13 Departmental output expenses 
   Delivery of Going Digital Programme6,439
    Heritage Services7,551
    Policy Advice and Monitoring of Funded Agencies5,772
  13 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Management of Historic Places13,514
    Museum Services31,594
    Performing Arts Services20,456
    Promotion and Support of the Arts and Film19,090
    Protection of Taonga Tūturu154
    Public Broadcasting Services149,720
  14 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Commonwealth War Graves3,243
    Development and Maintenance of War Graves, Historic Graves and Monuments527
    Regional Museums7,094
    Treaty of Waitangi Commemorations288
  14 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa3,000
    National War Memorial200
Attorney-General 19 Departmental output expenses 
   Conduct of Criminal Appeals3,329
    Legal Advice and Representation22,900
    Supervision and Conduct of Crown Prosecutions48,196
    The Exercise of Principal Law Officer Functions2,938
Audit 23 Departmental output expenses 
   Audit and Assurance Services150
    Statutory Auditor Function9,447
Biosecurity 27 Departmental output expenses 
   Biosecurity Policy Advice10,341
    Border Biosecurity Risk Management87,693
    Domestic Biosecurity Risk Management56,116
  27 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Control of TB Vectors31,500
  27 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Response to the Kiwifruit disease Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae5,000
    Subscriptions to International Organisations330
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery 31 Departmental output expenses 
   Implementation for the Recovery5,369
   Planning for the Recovery16,108
Climate Change 35 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of the Emissions Trading Scheme487
    Climate Change10,930
  35 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Administration of New Zealand Units held on Trust177
  35 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Allocation of New Zealand Units909,005
    Climate Change Development Fund300
    Framework Convention on Climate Change127
    Impairment of Debt Relating to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme1,000
    Issue of New Zealand Assigned Amount Units to Permanent Forest Sink Initiative Participants10,000
    Purchase of Units under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme1,000
  36 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Purchase of PRE Units1,231
Commerce 39 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of Insolvencies13,450
    Administration of Part II Tariff Concessions352
    Policy Advice and Investigative Services - Regulatory Environment11,540
    Registration and Granting of Intellectual Property Rights14,900
    Registration and Provision of Statutory Information23,621
  39 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Accounting and Assurance Standards Setting4,410
    Administration of the Takeovers Code1,494
    Enforcement of Dairy Sector Regulation905
    Enforcement of General Market Regulation16,435
    Input Methodologies355
    Licensing and Supervision of Market Participants11,688
    Performance of Financial Markets Monitoring Functions6,837
    Performance of Investigation and Enforcement Functions5,749
    Regulation of Airport Services400
    Regulation of Auditors400
    Regulation of Electricity Lines Businesses4,167
    Regulation of Natural Gas Services1,300
    Retirement Commissioner5,782
  41 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Commerce Commission Litigation Fund8,000
    Contributions to International Organisations485
    Financial Markets Authority Litigation Fund2,500
    Takeovers Panel Litigation Fund200
  41 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Investment in the Accounting Standards Review Board/External Reporting Board460
    Investment in the Financial Markets Authority5,000
    Statutory Management - Aorangi Securities Limited and Others1,000
Communications 45 Departmental output expenses 
   Management and Enforcement of the Radiocommunications Act 19899,894
    Policy Advice - Communications5,039
  45 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Administrative Support for Telecommunications Relay Equipment and Services1,269
    Enforcement of Telecommunications Sector Regulation7,790
  45 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Broadband Investment (Rural Supply)47,000
    Contributions to International Telecommunications Organisations930
  45 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Accelerating Broadband12,000
    Acquisition of Textphone Equipment200
    Broadband Investment (Crown Company Capital Costs)520,000
    Broadband Investment (Schools)11,360
Community and Voluntary Sector 51 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy Advice, Advisory and Support Services12,717
  51 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Charities - Administration5,066
  51 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Community Development Scheme4,060
    Community Internship Programme331
    Community Organisation Grants Scheme12,500
    Digital Literacy and Connection2,782
    Disarmament Education Grants150
    Support for Volunteering402
    Youth Workers Training Scheme200
Conservation 55 Departmental output expenses 
   Conservation with the Community15,363
    Crown Contribution to Regional Pest Management Strategies2,998
    Management of Historic Heritage5,661
    Management of Natural Heritage165,906
    Management of Recreational Opportunities142,279
    Policy Advice, Servicing the Minister and Statutory Bodies, and Statutory Planning5,823
  55 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Identification and Implementation of Protection for Natural and Historic Places16,793
    Management Services - Natural and Historic Places1,506
    Moutoa Gardens/Pakaitore23
    NZ Biodiversity Funds10,347
    Stewart Island Infrastructure769
  56 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Compensation Payments60
    Depreciation - Crown Property, Plant and Equipment934
    Loss on Disposal of Crown Property, Plant and Equipment2,575
    Mātauranga Māori Fund804
    Payment of Rates on Properties for Concessionaires839
    Provision for Bad and Doubtful Debts100
    Subscriptions to International Organisations405
    Vesting of Reserves650
    Waikaremoana Lakebed Lease241
  57 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Crown Land Acquisitions6,500
    Milford Flood Protection6,186
    Purchase and Development of Reserves1,500
Consumer Affairs 61 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy Advice, Information and Compliance - Consumer Issues5,808
  61 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Financial Service Providers Reserve Dispute Resolution Scheme1,694
Corrections 65 Departmental output expenses 
   Information and Administrative Services to the Judiciary and New Zealand Parole Board57,005
    Management of Third Party Custodial Services8,855
    Policy Advice and Ministerial Services5,129
    Prison-based Custodial Services761,366
    Rehabilitation and Reintegration140,820
    Sentences and Orders Served in the Community199,648
Courts 69 Departmental output expenses 
   Collection and Enforcement of Fines and Civil Debts Services73,964
    District Court Services208,164
    Higher Court Services67,948
    Specialist Courts, Tribunals and Other Authorities Services77,423
    Waitangi Tribunal Services10,017
  69 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Abortion Supervisory Committee - Certifying Consultants Fees5,063
    Assistance to Victims of Crime40
    Children Young Persons and Their Families Professional Services9,250
    Coroner Related Fees and Expenses55
    Coroner-Directed Post-Mortems7,671
    Costs in Criminal Cases300
    Domestic Violence Professional Services16,250
    Family Court Professional Services46,838
    Impairment of Fines Receivable62,754
    Judicial Review Costs1,196
    Justices of the Peace Association310
    Medical and Other Professional Services3,978
    MVDT Adjudicator Remuneration and Assessors Costs305
    Personal Property Protection Rights Costs1,700
    Representations for Blood Sampling10
    Tribunal Members Fees and Expenses4,698
    Visiting Justices to Prisons300
    Witness Fees and Expenses3,460
    Youth Court Professional Fees8,000
Customs 73 Departmental output expenses 
   Clearance and Enforcement Services Related to Craft7,444
    Clearance and Enforcement Services Related to Goods64,213
    Clearance and Enforcement Services Related to Passengers and Crew50,951
    Information and Intelligence Services13,500
    Policy Advice and International Services8,060
    Revenue Collection5,333
  73 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Change in Doubtful Debt Provision2,000
    World Customs Organisation65
Defence 77 Departmental output expenses 
   Audit and Assessment of Performance1,956
    Management of Equipment Procurement6,019
    Policy Advice6,414
  77 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Defence Equipment244,284
Defence Force 81 Departmental output expenses 
   Airborne Surveillance and Response Forces176,704
    Fixed Wing Transport Forces261,010
    Land Combat Forces384,233
    Land Combat Service Support Forces158,141
    Land Combat Support Forces215,292
    Military Hydrography, and Hydrographic Data Collection and Processing for LINZ13,863
    Military Policy Development, Coordination and Advice17,181
    Mine Countermeasures (MCM) and MCM Diving Forces25,075
    Miscellaneous Support Activities25,247
    Naval Combat Forces408,199
    Naval Helicopter Forces88,748
    Naval Patrol Forces139,840
    Naval Support Forces105,803
    Operationally Deployed Forces Annual70,541
    Rotary Wing Transport Forces143,595
    Special Operations Forces74,915
  83 Departmental other expenses 
    Disposal of Decommissioned Assets500
    Maintenance of Assets Awaiting Sale2,250
Economic Development 87 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy Advice - Small Business1,529
   Policy Advice and Sector Leadership - Firm Capability, Sectoral and Regional Development22,404
  87 Non-departmental output expenses 
    International Business Growth Services104,225
    Investment Fund Management2,330
    Rugby World Cup1,114
    Services to Develop Business Capability16,659
    Services to Support Sector Development and Special Events30,896
  88 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Canterbury Earthquake Recovery - Business Support1,750
    Depreciation on Auckland's Queens Wharf2,000
    Depreciation on the temporary Rugby World Cup showcase and festival building on Auckland's Queens Wharf4,900
    Establishment and operation of the Food Innovation Network New Zealand5,360
    Film New Zealand833
    International Growth Fund30,027
    Large Budget Screen Production Fund106,660
    Major Events Development Fund14,000
    Management Development Fund1,356
    Promotion of New Zealand Associated with the America's Cup19,750
    Regional and Industry Development Fund3,900
    Regional Partnerships and Facilitation8,142
    Rugby World Cup Free-to-Air Broadcasting Right960
    Sector Strategies and Facilitation1,204
    Square Kilometre Array1,950
  89 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    New Zealand Trade and Enterprise3,619
    Seed Co-investment Fund7,320
    Temporary Rugby World Cup showcase and festival building on Auckland's Queens Wharf1,800
    Venture Investment Fund12,020
Education 95 Departmental output expenses 
   Interventions for Target Student Groups256,515
    School Property Portfolio Management1,353,815
    Strategic Leadership in the Sector34,136
    Support and Resources for Education Providers75,624
    Support and Resources for Teachers79,347
    Support and Resources for the Community13,048
  96 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Curriculum Support62,289
    Education Research Initiatives3,008
    Professional Development and Support87,617
    Provision of Information and Advisory Services22,639
    Qualifications Support Structures6,049
    Quality Assurance4,370
    School Transport171,511
    Secondary School Assessments26,480
    Service Academies1,950
    Supporting Parenting5,724
  97 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Boarding Allowances and Bursaries8,069
    Home Schooling Allowances5,564
    Māpihi Pounamu3,250
    National Study Awards25,707
    Scholarships for Students to Attend Private Schools3,714
    Teacher Trainee Scholarships16,762
    United World Scholarships50
  99 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Early Childhood Education1,395,345
    Integrated Schools Property53,437
    Interest Subsidy for Schools357
    New Zealand Teachers Council178
    Primary Education2,730,145
    Remission of Fees1,288
    School Transport Bus Controllers807
    Schooling Improvement8,964
    Secondary Education2,006,499
    Special Needs Support317,750
    Support for Early Childhood Education Providers22,632
  100 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Property Disposal Incentives Scheme5,511
    School Support Project1,880
    Schools Furniture and Equipment18,473
Education Review Office 105 Departmental output expenses 
   Accountability Reviews25,780
   Quality of Education Reports and Services2,822
Emergency Management 109 Departmental output expenses 
   Emergency Management Services10,952
  109 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Emergency Expenses2,000
    Subsidies to Local Government889
Employment 113 Departmental output expenses 
   Labour Market Analysis and Knowledge8,474
    Policy, Research and Evaluation5,411
Energy 117 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of Gas, Electricity and Energy Efficiency Regulations and related Acts5,680
    Emissions Trading Implementation4,847
    Energy and Resource Information Services1,106
    Management of the Crown Mineral Estate14,871
    Policy Advice on Energy and Resource Issues6,619
    Provision of Climate Change Unit Register and Information1,559
  117 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Electricity Industry Governance and Market Operations62,535
    Energy Efficiency and Conservation42,943
    Maintenance and Operation of Whirinaki2,000
    Management of IEA Oil Stocks3,000
    Reserve Energy and Emergency Measures-Availability Costs6,245
  118 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Biodiesel Grants9,000
    Electricity Litigation Fund444
    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Grants and Assistance1,038
    International Energy Agency Contribution150
    International Energy Agency Subscription170
    Ministry of Energy Residual Liabilities199
  119 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Crown Energy Efficiency2,000
Environment 125 Departmental output expenses 
   Environmental Management Obligations and Programmes4,380
    Improving Resource Management28,861
    Mitigating Environmental Hazards and Waste5,626
    Processing of Resource Management Call-ins and applications made to the Environmental Protection Authority21,490
    Waste Minimisation Administration1,714
  126 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Community Environment Fund4,095
    Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund1,273
    Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Assessment and Management10,170
    Promotion of Sustainable Land Management800
    Sustainable Management Fund488
  126 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Contestable Waste Minimisation Fund15,000
    Environmental Legal Assistance800
    Fresh Start for Fresh Water: New Initiatives7,500
    Fresh Start for Fresh Water: Rotorua Lakes Restoration Programme8,200
    Fresh Start for Fresh Water: Waikato River Clean-up Fund524
    International Subscriptions117
    United Nations Environment Programme393
    Waikato River Co-Governance910
    Waikato River Co-Management202
    Warm Homes Grants and Assistance1,100
    Waste Disposal Levy Disbursements to Territorial Local Authorities13,000
Finance 133 Departmental output expenses 
   Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises and Other Responsible Ministers3,948
    Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister of Science and Innovation and the Minister for Economic Development1,074
    Extending the Mixed Ownership Model5,900
    Infrastructure Advice and Coordination4,580
    Management and Administration of Financial Operations on behalf of the Crown7,522
    Policy Advice - Finance44,897
  135 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Inquiries and Research into Productivity Related Matters4,691
    Management of New Zealand House, London1,000
    Management of the Crown's Obligations for Geothermal Wells151
    Management of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund528
  135 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Crown Residual Liabilities230
    Geothermal Wells Fund500
    Government Superannuation Appeals Board50
    Impairment of Loans to Taitokerau Forest Limited800
    New Zealand House, London16,200
    Taitokerau Forests Limited Grant300
  137 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Dispute Resolution Services Limited Equity Transfer2,050
    Taitokerau Forests800
Fisheries 141 Departmental output expenses 
   Development of Fisheries Policy8,980
    Implementation of New Zealand Fisheries Policies99,681
    Interim Secretariat South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation152
  141 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Contributions to International Organisations400
    Provision for Write Downs711
    Quota Shares/ACE Administration Costs24
Food Safety 145 Departmental output expenses 
    Policy Advice6,646
  145 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Joint Food Standards Setting Treaty (NDOC)2,100
Foreign Affairs and Trade 149 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities1,526
    Consular Services20,508
    Hosting of Pacific Islands Forum Meeting4,900
    Pacific Security Fund3,043
    Policy Advice and Representation - International Institutions72,219
    Policy Advice and Representation - Other Countries227,634
    Promotional Activities - Other Countries406
    Rugby World Cup: Guest of Government9,955
    Services for Other New Zealand Agencies Overseas14,444
  150 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Antarctic Research and Support13,168
    Pacific Cooperation Foundation1,400
    Promotion of Asian Skills and Relationships4,000
  150 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Subscriptions to International Organisations55,744
Health 156 Departmental output expenses 
   Information and Payment Services79,279
    Managing the Purchase of Services25,528
    Policy Advice33,845
    Regulatory and Enforcement Services38,748
    Sector Planning and Performance27,216
  157 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Crown Health Financing Agency1,900
    Health and Disability Support Services - Auckland DHB993,557
    Health and Disability Support Services - Bay of Plenty DHB567,474
    Health and Disability Support Services - Canterbury DHB1,167,291
    Health and Disability Support Services - Capital and Coast DHB623,960
    Health and Disability Support Services - Counties-Manukau DHB1,121,468
    Health and Disability Support Services - Hawkes Bay DHB406,757
    Health and Disability Support Services - Hutt DHB333,345
    Health and Disability Support Services - Lakes DHB260,135
    Health and Disability Support Services - MidCentral DHB424,893
    Health and Disability Support Services - Nelson-Marlborough DHB345,263
    Health and Disability Support Services - Northland DHB448,202
    Health and Disability Support Services - South Canterbury DHB152,762
    Health and Disability Support Services - Southern DHB721,784
    Health and Disability Support Services - Tairawhiti DHB133,429
    Health and Disability Support Services - Taranaki DHB282,865
    Health and Disability Support Services - Waikato DHB924,120
    Health and Disability Support Services - Wairarapa DHB112,529
    Health and Disability Support Services - Waitemata DHB1,172,846
    Health and Disability Support Services - West Coast DHB113,013
    Health and Disability Support Services - Whanganui DHB191,163
    Health Services Funding165,745
    Health Workforce Training and Development155,549
    Monitoring and Protecting Health and Disability Consumer Interests15,231
    National Advisory and Support Services340
    National Child Health Services68,130
    National Contracted Services - Other111,262
    National Disability Support Services1,028,402
    National Elective Services260,056
    National Emergency Services86,831
    National Māori Health Services8,605
    National Maternity Services147,307
    National Mental Health Services70,192
    Primary Health Care Strategy178,771
    Problem Gambling Services17,864
    Public Health Service Purchasing453,708
  159 Non-departmental other expenses 
    International Health Organisations2,030
    Legal Expenses1,028
    Provider Development24,874
  160 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Equity for Capital Projects for DHBs and Health Sector Crown Agencies347,611
    Health Sector Projects2,665
    Loans for Capital Projects68,043
    Residential Care Loans15,000
Housing 166 Departmental output expenses 
   Canterbury Earthquakes: Arranging and Managing Emergency and Temporary Accommodation3,154
    Housing, Building and Construction Policy Advice7,815
    Performance Monitoring and Advice - Social Housing794
    Weathertight Services52,662
  166 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Canterbury Earthquakes: Emergency and Temporary Accommodation9,517
    Contracted Housing Support Services2,400
    HNZC Housing Support Services15,343
    Management of Crown Properties held under the Housing Act 19551,395
    Purchase of Housing and Related Services for Tenants Paying Income Related Rent587,115
  167 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Housing Assistance1,729
    KiwiSaver Deposit Subsidy5,200
  167 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Community Housing Rent Relief Programme4,150
    Increase in Debt Provision5,000
    Unwind of Discount Rate used in the Present Value Calculation of Direct Payments1,100
    Wellington City Council Social Housing Assistance43,500
  168 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Acquisition and Development of properties under the Housing Act 195519,142
    Acquisition and Improvement of Housing New Zealand Corporation state houses9,300
    Capital Injections to Housing New Zealand Corporation for Housing Activities27
    Refinancing of Housing New Zealand Corporation and Housing New Zealand Limited Debt175,496
Immigration 173 Departmental output expenses 
   Immigration Advisers Authority2,746
    Services to Increase the Capacity of New Zealand through Immigration190,909
    Services to Position New Zealand as an International Citizen with Immigration-Related Interests and Obligations15,159
Internal Affairs 178 Departmental output expenses 
   Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism2,500
    Cross-Government ICT Investment Proposals3,000
    Government Technology Services6,989
    Identity Services125,536
    Policy Advice and Support Services10,811
    Regulatory Services25,982
    Services for Ethnic Affairs6,243
    Support Services for Grant Funding Bodies9,699
  179 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Classification of Films, Videos and Publications1,960
    Development of On-line Authentication Services116
  179 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Miscellaneous Grants - Internal Affairs49
    Pike River Royal Commission of Inquiry - Legal representation and assistance1,464
    Public Inquiries496
Justice 183 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of Legal Services18,457
    Crime Prevention and Community Safety1,883
    Policy Advice29,270
    Public Defence Service14,388
    Sector Leadership and Support8,137
  183 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Advice from the Law Commission4,120
    Community Law Centres10,090
    Crime Prevention and Community Safety Programmes8,340
    Equity Promotion and Protection Services16,718
    Legal Aid181,445
    Producing and Maintaining Electoral Rolls21,381
    Provision of Protective Fiduciary Services4,500
    Provision of Services from the Electoral Commission35,860
    Support and Assistance provided by Victim Support to Victims of Crime6,372
  185 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Administrative Assistance for Foreshore and Seabed Arrangements8,400
    Contribution toward all Foreshore and Seabed Negotiation Costs1,568
    Impairment of Legal Aid Debt22,800
    Impairment of Offender Levy1,974
    Victims' Services2,849
Labour 189 Departmental output expenses 
   International Services941
    Policy Advice - Labour10,105
    Services to Promote and Support Fair and Productive Employment Relationships24,946
    Services to Promote and Support Safe and Healthy People and Workplaces40,901
    Services to Promote and Support the Safe Management of Hazardous Substances in the Workplace and Amusement Devices4,219
  189 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Employment Relations Education Contestable Fund500
    Health and Safety in Employment Levy - Collection Services869
  190 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Bad Debt Expense15
    International Labour Organisation1,400
    Joint Equal Employment Opportunities Trust396
    New Zealand Industrial Relations Foundation15
Lands 193 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 20081,505
    Administration of the Overseas Investment Act 20052,826
    Crown Property Management and Disposal Services27,279
    Land and Seabed Data Capture and Processing45,230
    Land and Seabed Information Access and Dissemination4,500
    Land and Seabed Information Storage and Management19,626
    Oceans Survey 20/20 Programme3,797
    Policy Advice2,546
    Standards and Quality Assurance6,756
  193 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Contaminated Sites500
  194 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Bad and Doubtful Debts25
    Crown Forest Management500
    Crown Rates1,107
    Land Liabilities843
    Proceeds from Sale of Transit NZ Properties33,000
    Residual Crown Leasehold Rents543
  194 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Crown Acquisitions - Huntly East1,000
Local Government 199 Departmental output expenses 
   Services for Local Government9,922
  199 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Rates Rebate Scheme60,000
  199 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Chatham Islands Council3,733
    Crown-owned Assets at Lake Taupo - Maintenance Costs1,797
  200 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Capital Investments - Lake Taupo978
Māori Affairs 203 Departmental output expenses 
   Integrated Whānau Social Assistance6,802
    Operations Management8,714
    Policy - Crown Māori Relationships7,950
    Policy - Economic and Enterprise11,698
    Policy - Social and Cultural7,927
    Relationships and Information7,664
    Whānau Ora Administration8,838
  203 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Administration of Māori Broadcasting1,808
    Growing Māori Productivity and Export Growth1,000
    Iwi Housing Support456
    Māori Radio Broadcasting11,344
    Māori Television Broadcasting40,332
    Māori Television Channel16,611
    Māori Trustee Functions10,347
    Mātauranga (Knowledge)5,993
    Promotion of the Māori Language5,204
    Rawa (Resources)7,168
    Strengthening and Promoting Māori Tourism1,660
    Whakamana (Leadership)7,394
    Whānau Ora-based Service Development34,600
  204 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Rangatiratanga Grants480
  204 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Administrative expenses for Crown Land49
    Māori Registration Service626
    Māori Wardens1,178
    Māori Women's Development Fund1,867
    NZ Māori Council196
    Orakei Act 19917
    Te Ariki Trust21
    Te Pūtahi Paoho131
    Turanganui-a-Kiwa Capacity Building500
  205 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Māori Trustee Capital300
Ministerial Services 209 Departmental output expenses 
   Official Visits and Events Coordination4,435
    Support Services to Members of the Executive26,852
    VIP Transport Services7,947
  209 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Depreciation on Official Residences147
    Former Prime Ministers - Domestic Travel270
    Members of the Executive - Travel11,790
National Archives 213 Departmental output expenses 
   Archives Management and Policy Advice24,259
National Library 217 Departmental output expenses 
   National Library Services71,474
  217 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Public Lending Right for New Zealand Authors2,000
  217 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Heritage Collections - Annual1,546
Office of the Clerk 221 Departmental output expenses 
   Secretariat Services for the House of Representatives17,263
Official Development Assistance 225 Departmental output expenses 
   Management of New Zealand Official Development Assistance61,242
  225 Non-departmental other expenses 
    International Agency Funding94,500
    New Zealand Voluntary Agency Grants32,826
Ombudsmen 229 Departmental output expenses 
   Investigation and Resolution of Complaints About Government Administration8,075
Pacific Island Affairs 232 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy, Communications and Relationships6,327
  232 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Promotions - Business Development1,156
    Skills Training and Employment1,000
  232 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Study and Training Awards for Business Development100
    Welfare of Pacific Island People in New Zealand8
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment 237 Departmental output expenses 
   Reports and Advice2,340
Parliamentary Counsel 241 Departmental output expenses 
   Access to Legislation11,646
    Law Drafting Services9,595
Parliamentary Service 245 Departmental output expenses 
   Operations, Information and Advisory Services48,963
    Services to Members18,255
  245 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Depreciation Expense on Parliamentary Complex12,474
    Member Support - Independent169
    Members' Communications2,426
    Party and Member Support - ACT631
    Party and Member Support - Green1,246
    Party and Member Support - Labour5,994
    Party and Member Support - Māori698
    Party and Member Support - National7,122
    Party and Member Support - Progressive Coalition251
    Party and Member Support - United Future187
    Travel of Members and Others11,000
Police 251 Departmental output expenses 
   Case Resolution and Support to Judicial Process110,901
    General Crime Prevention Services111,792
    Police Primary Response Management445,710
    Policy Advice and Ministerial Servicing3,173
    Road Safety Programme298,455
    Specific Crime Prevention Services and Maintenance of Public Order109,456
  251 Departmental other expenses 
    Compensation for Confiscated Firearms10
  251 Non-departmental other expenses 
    United Nations Drug Control Programme100
Prime Minister and Cabinet 257 Departmental output expenses 
   Intelligence Coordination and National Security Priorities5,597
    Policy Advice and Secretariat and Coordination Services7,170
    Science Advisory Committee407
    Support Services to the Governor-General and Maintenance of the Official Residences2,929
    Support Services to the Governor-General and Maintenance of the residences585
  257 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Depreciation Expenses on Crown Assets1,962
    Ex gratia payment to the University of Auckland218
  258 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Government House - Capital Investment150
Racing 261 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy Advice - Racing221
  261 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Racing Safety Development Fund1,000
Revenue 265 Departmental output expenses 
   Management of Debt and Outstanding Returns110,765
    Policy Advice15,601
    Services to Inform the Public About Entitlements and Meeting Obligations249,944
    Services to Process Obligations and Entitlements122,691
    Taxpayer Audit179,785
  265 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    KiwiSaver: Interest3,000
    KiwiSaver: Kickstart Payment209,000
    KiwiSaver: Tax Credit444,000
    Payroll Subsidy2,000
  267 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Bad Debt Write-Offs857,000
    Impairment of Debt247,000
    Impairment of Debt Relating to Child Support446,000
    Impairment of Debt Relating to Student Loans110,000
    Initial Fair Value Write-Down - Student Loans128,222
Science and Innovation 271 Departmental output expenses 
   Advice and Support on Shaping the Science and Innovation System35,022
    Cross Agency Research900
  271 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Biological Industries Research104,819
    Crown Research Institute Core Funding215,145
    Energy and Minerals Research11,997
    Engaging New Zealanders with Science and Technology9,189
    Environmental Research35,315
    Fellowships for Excellence11,770
    Hazards and Infrastructure Research13,459
    Health and Society Research83,694
    High Value Manufacturing and Services Research157,204
    Marsden Fund46,755
    National Measurement Standards5,764
    Research Contract Management6,412
    Vision Mātauranga Capability Fund5,967
  272 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Advanced Network Capability Building173
    Convention Du Metre135
    Genomics Research Infrastructure5,600
    International Relationships9,821
    National eScience Infrastructure7,182
    Royal Society of New Zealand500
    Science Collections and Infrastructure4,760
Senior Citizens 279 Departmental output expenses 
   Senior Citizens Services1,035
Serious Fraud 283 Departmental output expenses 
   Investigation and Prosecution of Complex or Serious Fraud12,343
Social Development 287 Departmental output expenses 
   Adoption Services9,037
    Care and Protection Services328,348
    Collection of Balances Owed by Former Clients and Non-beneficiaries16,200
    Development and Funding of Community Services8,127
    Family and Community Services35,335
    Income Support and Assistance to Seniors36,934
    Management of Service Cards7,076
    Management of Student Loans15,467
    Management of Student Support, excluding Student Loans20,144
    Policy Advice and Support to Ministers37,564
    Prevention Services4,662
    Promoting Positive Outcomes for Disabled People1,250
    Property Management Centre of Expertise100
    Services to Protect the Integrity of the Benefit System36,246
    Tailored Sets of Services to Help People into Work or Achieve Independence402,704
    Vocational Skills Training53,445
    Youth Justice Services137,091
  289 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Assistance to Disadvantaged Persons1,450
    Children's Commissioner2,157
    Connected Communities16,829
    Counselling and Rehabilitation Services17,813
    Education and Prevention Services8,678
    Families Commission8,124
    Family Wellbeing Services71,909
    Strengthening Providers and Communities2,382
    Strong Families120,317
    Student Placement Services3,512
    Vocational Services for People with Disabilities86,608
    Youth Transition Services12,657
  290 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Accommodation Assistance1,264,227
    Benefits Paid in Australia37,156
    Childcare Assistance187,897
    Disability Assistance410,506
    Domestic Purposes Benefit1,894,637
    Employment Related Training Assistance16,470
    Family Start/NGO Awards705
    Hardship Assistance288,631
    Independent Youth Benefit15,299
    Invalid's Benefit1,346,836
    New Zealand Superannuation9,575,366
    Orphan's/Unsupported Child's Benefit111,948
    Sickness Benefit782,380
    Special Circumstance Assistance14,088
    Student Allowances626,950
    Study Scholarships and Awards30,762
    Transition to Work24,670
    Unemployment Benefit and Emergency Benefit1,028,954
    Widow's Benefit76,383
  292 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Debt Write-downs626,652
    Employment Assistance121,754
    Mainstream Supported Employment Programme3,546
    Out of School Care Programmes17,753
  293 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Recoverable Assistance168,612
    Student Loans1,589,682
Sport and Recreation 297 Departmental output expenses 
   Purchase Advice and Monitoring of Sport and Recreation Crown Entities323
  297 Non-departmental output expenses 
    High Performance Sport53,338
    Sport and Recreation Programmes19,151
    Sports Anti-Doping2,093
  297 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Miscellaneous Grants44
    Prime Minister's Sport Scholarships4,250
State Services 301 Departmental output expenses 
   Chief Executive and Agency Performance Management18,914
    Public Management System9,783
  301 Non-departmental other expenses 
    KiwiSaver: State Sector Employer Contributions95,000
    Remuneration and Related Employment Costs of Chief Executives13,235
    Settlement of Legal Liabilities7
    State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme: State Sector Employer Contributions104,606
Statistics 305 Departmental output expenses 
   Official Statistics115,751
Tertiary Education 309 Departmental output expenses 
   Strategic Leadership in the Tertiary System16,291
  309 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Adult and Community Education64,442
    Centres of Research Excellence33,716
    International Education Programmes16,006
    Managing the Government's Investment in the Tertiary Education Sector35,912
    Ownership Monitoring of Tertiary Education Institutions2,567
    Performance-Based Research Fund250,000
    Tertiary Education and Training Advice3,837
    Tertiary Education Grants and Other Funding32,999
    Tertiary Education: Student Achievement Component2,006,444
    Training for Designated Groups297,358
  310 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    International Student Scholarship Scheme1,600
    Study Abroad Awards1,290
    Tertiary Scholarships and Awards14,745
  310 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Auckland University Starpath Project1,000
    Tertiary Education Institutions Merger Support2,500
Tourism 313 Departmental output expenses 
   Management Support of the National Cycleway500
    Policy Advice - Tourism7,362
  313 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Implementation of the Tourism Strategy1,222
    Marketing of New Zealand as a Visitor Destination83,861
  313 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Tourism Facilities Development Grants267
Transport 317 Departmental output expenses 
   Fuel Excise Duty Refund Administration429
    Governance and Performance Advice for Crown Agencies1,400
    Land Transport Revenue Forecasting and Strategy1,000
    Milford Sound / Piopiotahi Aerodrome Operation and Administration200
    Policy Advice30,118
    Road User Charges Collection, Investigation and Enforcement17,855
  317 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Accident or Incident Investigation and Reporting3,865
    Canterbury Transport Project5,000
    Licensing Activities2,475
    Maritime Port Security145
    Ministerial Servicing by the New Zealand Transport Agency548
    Motor Vehicle Registry40,016
    Policy Advice - Civil Aviation2,219
    Policy Advice on Safety Regulation and Monitoring - Maritime5,689
    Rail - Waikato Network Funding5,415
    Regional Development Transport Funding2,000
    Search and Rescue Activities3,274
    SuperGold Card - Administration of the Public Transport Concessions Scheme95
    Weather Forecasts and Warnings18,574
  319 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Bad Debt Provision - Motor Vehicle Registration/Licenses and Road User Charges6,000
    Membership of International Organisations743
    Rail - Metro Rail Rolling Stock and Infrastructure (Wellington)80,000
    Rail - Public Policy Projects3,270
    Rail - Railway Safety500
    SuperGold Card - public transport concessions for cardholders22,905
  320 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Aviation Security Service303
    New & Improved Infrastructure for State Highways - Crown Contribution529
    NLTF Borrowing Facility for Short-Term Advances750,000
    Rail - KiwiRail Turnaround Plan Funding250,000
    Rail - New Zealand Railways Corporation Loans330,769
    Wellington Metro Rail Network Upgrade8,552
Treaty Negotiations 327 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy Advice - Treaty Negotiations20,127
    Property Portfolio Management8,898
    Representation - Waitangi Tribunal2,972
  327 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Claimant Funding10,000
    Debt Write-offs120
  327 Non-departmental capital expenditure 
    Land, Stock, Plant Purchases10,330
Veterans' Affairs - Defence Force 331 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy and Administration2,153
   Services and Payments to Veterans5,977
  331 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Development and Maintenance of Services Cemeteries746
    Support for Veterans and Their Families1,277
  331 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Interest Concessions Land and Buildings7
    Medical Treatment22,723
    Special Annuities26
    War Disablement Pensions137,284
  332 Non-departmental other expenses 
    Debt Write-down for Benefits and other unrequited expenses (BOUE)250
    Ex-Gratia Payments and Comprehensive Medical Assessments for Vietnam Veterans1,400
Veterans' Affairs - Social Development 335 Departmental output expenses 
   Processing and Payment of Veterans' Pensions450
  335 Benefits and other unrequited expenses 
    Veterans' Pension178,748
Women's Affairs 339 Departmental output expenses 
   Policy Advice and Nomination Services4,475
Youth Development 343 Departmental output expenses 
   Administration of Trialling New Approaches to Social Sector Change427
    Youth Development5,348
  343 Non-departmental output expenses 
    Services for Young People6,851
    Trialling New Approaches to Social Sector Change1,789
    Youth Development Partnership Fund889