Callaghan Innovation Bill

  • enacted
14 Operating principles
  • (1) In meeting its main objective, and performing its functions, ATI Callaghan Innovation must—

    • (a) aim to ensure that any activities it undertakes are for the benefit of New Zealand; and

    • (b) proactively engage and collaborate with businesses, other RS&T providers, and other persons that ATI Callaghan Innovation considers relevant to the performance of its functions; and

    • (c) maintain an awareness of international trends and advances in science and technology; and

    • (d) ensure that any activities it undertakes or services it provides are undertaken or provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner that—

      • (i) has regard to businesses' commercial imperatives and time frames; and

      • (ii) utilises existing capability within or among RS&T providers.

    (2) In addition, in performing the function specified in section 13(1)(f) (which relates to allocating and administering RS&T funding), ATI Callaghan Innovation must—

    • (a) act fairly and transparently; and

    • (b) implement systems and procedures to enable it to give effect to the principle set out in paragraph (a); and

    • (c) make information about those systems and procedures available on its Internet site; and

    • (d) include in its annual report under section 150 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 a report on its implementation of those systems and procedures.

    (3) The Auditor-General must, when carrying out a financial report audit of ATI Callaghan Innovation under section 15 of the Public Audit Act 2001, report on ATI's Callaghan Innovation's implementation of the systems and procedures referred to in subsection (2).