Electoral Amendment Bill

  • enacted
35 Section 197 amended (Interfering with or influencing voters)
  • (1) In section 197(1)(g), repeal all the provisos.

    (2) After section 197(1), insert:

    • (1A) Subsection (1)(g) does not—

      • (a) apply to any statement, name, emblem, slogan, or logo that—

        • (i) is published in a newspaper before 6 pm on the day before polling day:

        • (ii) is not related specifically to the election campaign and, on polling day, continues to be exhibited in a fixed position on or about a political party's New Zealand or regional campaign headquarters (not being mobile headquarters) as it was before polling day:

      • (b) apply to any rosette in party colours (whether or not the rosette includes any party name, statement, emblem, slogan, or logo) worn in a polling place by a person appointed under section 160 as a scrutineer:

      • (c) restrict the publication of any party name in any news relating to an election that is published in a newspaper or other periodical or in a radio or television broadcast made by a broadcaster within the meaning of section 2 of the Broadcasting Act 1989.