Copyright Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • Previous title has changed

Copyright Amendment Bill (No 2)

(Divided from the Judicature Modernisation Bill)

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House

This Bill was formerly part of the Judicature Modernisation Bill as reported from the Justice and Electoral Committee. The committee of the whole House has further amended the Bill and divided it into the following Bills:

  • Senior Courts Bill comprising clauses 1 and 2, Part 1, and Schedules 1A to 4

  • District Court Bill comprising Part 2 and Schedules 5 to 7

  • Judicial Review Procedure Bill comprising Part 3 and Schedule 8

  • Interest on Money Claims Bill comprising Part 4 and Schedules 9AAA, 9AA, and 9

  • Electronic Courts and Tribunals Bill comprising Part 5

  • Arbitration Amendment Bill comprising subpart 1 of Part 6

  • Bills of Exchange Amendment Bill comprising subpart 2 of Part 6

  • Building Societies Amendment Bill comprising subpart 3 of Part 6

  • Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Amendment Bill comprising subpart 4 of Part 6

  • Companies Amendment Bill (No 2) comprising subpart 5 of Part 6 and Schedule 10

  • Contractual Remedies Amendment Bill comprising subpart 6 of Part 6

  • this Bill comprising subpart 7 of Part 6

  • Courts (Remote Participation) Amendment Bill comprising subpart 8 of Part 6

  • Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill comprising subpart 9 of Part 6

  • Employment Relations Amendment Bill (No 4) comprising subpart 10 of Part 6

  • Family Courts Amendment Bill comprising subpart 11 of Part 6

  • Insolvency Amendment Bill comprising subpart 12 of Part 6

  • Local Government (Rating) Amendment Bill comprising subpart 13 of Part 6

  • Property Law Amendment Bill comprising subpart 14 of Part 6

  • Remuneration Authority Amendment Bill (No 2) comprising subpart 14A of Part 6

  • Resource Management Amendment Bill comprising subpart 15 of Part 6

  • Te Ture Whenua Maori Amendment Bill comprising subpart 16 of Part 6

  • Trans-Tasman Proceedings Amendment Bill comprising subpart 17 of Part 6

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Hon Amy Adams

Copyright Amendment Bill (No 2)

Government Bill


The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title

This Act is the Copyright Amendment Act 2016.

2 Commencement

This Act comes into force on 1 January 2018.

· · · · ·

524 Principal Act

This Act amends the Copyright Act 1994 (the principal Act).

525 New section 222A inserted (Power to award interest)

After section 222, insert:

222A Power to award interest


This section applies where the Tribunal makes an order under Part 8 for the payment of an amount of money (including money required to be repaid, or further money required to be paid, in respect of charges already paid).


The Tribunal’s order may include an award of interest on the whole or part of the money, payable at the rate, not exceeding the interest rate as defined in section 452(2) of the Judicature Modernisation Act 2013 (as at the date of the order), and for the period, ending not later than the date that the money is paid, that the Tribunal thinks appropriate, as compensation for delay in payment of the money.


Interest awarded under this section must be calculated in accordance with (or on a basis that ensures it does not exceed interest calculated in accordance with) Schedule 9AA of the Judicature Modernisation Act 2013.

· · · · ·

Legislative history

14 September 2016

Divided from Judicature Modernisation Bill (Bill 178–2) as Bill 178–3L