Radiation Safety Bill

  • enacted

Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

Radiation Safety Bill

Government Bill



6Act binds the Crown
7Relationship with specified enactments
8Duty to comply with fundamental requirements
9Protecting people from radiation
10Safety of radiation sources
11Security of radiation source
12Transport, storage, and disposal of radiation source
14Activities that require authorisation under this Act
15Applications for authorisations must be made to Director
16Situations where source licence not required
17Situations where use licence not required
18Source licence
19Radiation safety plan
20When Director may grant source licence
21Duties of holders of source licence
22Use licence
23Grant of use licence
24Duties of holders of use licences and other users
25Grant of consent to import or export radioactive material
26Duties of consent holders
29When authorisation expires
30Suspension, variation, or cancellation of authorisation
31Application to renew authorisation
32Director may require further information
33Director must keep register of controlled radiation sources
34Person who holds authorisation for controlled radiation source must register source Controlled radiation sources must be registered
35Information that must be on register
36Form of register
37Search of register by approved persons
38Duty to keep records and make them available
39Appointment of enforcement officers
40Power to inspect places
41Powers of enforcement officers when inspecting places
42Compliance with Building Act 2004
43Requirement to answer questions
44General power to request information
45Appointment of international inspectors
46International inspector must be accompanied by enforcement officer
47Compliance orders
48Form, content, and service of compliance order
49Seizure, storage, and disposal of radiation source
50Director may return seized material
51Appeal against Director’s decision may be made to District Court
52District Court may refer matter back for reconsideration
53Decision to have effect pending determination of appeal
54Procedure on appeal
55Appeal on question of law to High Court
57Declaration of radiation emergency
58On site declaration of radiation emergency
59Effect of declaration on certain enforcement officers
60Emergency powers
61Compensation for property requisitioned or destroyed
62Protection of enforcement officers and people assisting
63Radiation response plan
64Director to contribute to development of emergency management planning and strategies under other Acts
65Offence to contravene fundamental requirements
66Offence to do certain things without authorisation
67Offence to provide false or misleading information
68Duties of persons who hold authorisations
69Offences relating to register
70Offence relating to record keeping
71Offence to refuse entry
72Offence not to answer questions or provide requested information
73Offence to obstruct, etc, enforcement officers
74Offence not to comply with requirement of enforcement officer in emergency
75Offence not to comply with compliance order
76Defence in prosecution for strict liability offence
77Liability of body corporate, principal, or individual
78Court may order person to mitigate or remedy adverse effects
79Appointment of Director for Radiation Safety
80Functions, duties, and powers of Director
81Minister may authorise Director to approve authorisations relating to nuclear material
82Delegation of powers, functions, or duties of Director
83Radiation Safety Advisory Council
84Functions of Council
85Advisory and technical committees
86Other matters
88Annual report
89Codes of practice
90Content of codes of practice
91Codes of practice to be available on Internet site
92Director may amend or revoke codes of practice
92ACodes of practice must be reviewed
93ARegulations relating to fees
93BOther regulations
94Order in Council amending Schedules 2 and 3
95Transitional, savings, and related provisions
96Radiation Protection Act 1965 repealed
98Amendments to Terrorism Suppression Act 2002
99Consequential amendments
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: