Corrections Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Kelvin Davis

Corrections Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
5Section 10 amended (Delegation of powers and functions of chief executive)
6New section 19B inserted (Delegation of powers and functions of health centre managers)
19BDelegation of powers and functions of health centre managers
7New sections 32A and 32B inserted
32APolice jail or part of Police jail may be declared part of corrections prison
32BEffect of declaration that Police jail or part of Police jail is part of corrections prison
8New section 34AA inserted (Detention of prisoners in Police jails declared to be part of corrections prisons)
34AADetention of prisoners in Police jails declared to be part of corrections prisons
9Section 42 amended (Certain information to be given to recently received prisoners)
10Section 49 amended (Prisoners must be assessed on reception and have needs addressed)
11Section 51 amended (Management plans)
12Section 57 replaced (Segregation)
57Denial or restriction of prisoner’s opportunity to associate with other prisoners
13Section 60 amended (Segregation for purpose of medical oversight)
14New sections 61A to 61H and cross-heading inserted
61AOngoing assessment for risk of self-harm
61BInitial steps that prison manager and health centre manager must take in respect of at-risk prisoner
61CConfirmation of at-risk prisoner assessment
61DAt-risk management plan established
61EContent of at-risk management plan
61FRevocation of confirmed at-risk assessment
61GHealth centre manager must consult medical practitioner registered health professional if advice outside scope of practice
61HDesignation of at-risk cell and at-risk area
15Section 69 amended (Minimum entitlements)
16Section 77 amended (Outgoing telephone calls)
17Section 81A amended (Request and approval for placement of child with mother)
18New section 81AB inserted (Reconsideration of decision relating to child’s placement)
81ABReconsideration of decision relating to child’s placement
19New sections 82A and 82B inserted
82ATypes of permitted accommodation
82BNo legitimate expectation as to conditions, etc
20Section 87 amended (Restraint of prisoners)
20ASection 91 amended (Definition of scanner search)
20BSection 92 amended (Definition of x-ray search)
21Sections 91 and 92 replaced New sections 92A to 92D inserted
91 92ADefinition Meaning of scanner search for purposes of this Act
92 92BDefinition Meaning of imaging technology search
92A 92CParticular matters relating to imaging technology searches
92B 92DParticular restrictions when imaging technology search used as alternative to strip search
21ASection 93 amended (Restrictions on internal examinations)
22Section 94 amended (Restrictions on searches)
23Section 96 amended (Authority to search property)
24Section 97 amended (Use of dogs for searching)
25Section 98 amended (Search of prisoners and cells)
25ASection 99 amended (Search of persons other than prisoners)
25BSection 104 amended (General considerations relating to mail)
25CSection 108 amended (Withholding mail)
25DSection 117 amended (Authorised disclosure of information)
25ESection 118 amended (Restrictions on disclosure of information)
25FSection 120 amended (Destruction of recordings)
26Section 128 amended (Offences by prisoner)
27Section 146 replaced (Contravention of section 110A or 118)
146Offences in relation to mail, information, and images
28Section 202 amended (Regulations relating to safe custody of prisoners)
29Section 203 amended (Regulations relating to treatment of prisoners)
30Amendments to Corrections Regulations 2005
31Regulations 57 and 58 and cross-headings replaced
57Mandatory items, features, and standards for segregation accommodation and at-risk cells
58Additional segregation and at-risk facilities
32Regulation 60 amended (Cells for prisoners at risk of self-harm)
33Regulation 61 amended (Cells for the assessment of prisoners’ mental health)
34Regulation 63 replaced (Prisoners at risk of self-harm)
63Prisoners at risk of self-harm
35Regulation 66 replaced (Individual cells)
66Individual cells and shared cells
36Regulation 196 revoked (No legitimate expectation as to conditions, etc)
37Schedule 2 amended
38Schedule 3 amended
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: