Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon David Parker

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Principal Act renamed
5Section 1 amended (Title)
6Section 2 replaced (Commencement)
7Section 9 amended (Section 135 amended (Definitions))
8New sections 37A to 37E 37H inserted
37ASection 226 amended (Definitions of TPM terms)
37BSection 226B amended (Rights of issuer of TPM work)
37CSection 226D amended (When rights of issuer of TPM work do not apply)
37DSection 226E amended (User’s options if prevented from exercising permitted act by TPM)
37ESection 226F amended (Meaning of copyright management information)
37ESection 226F replaced (Meaning of copyright management information)
37FSection 226G amended (Interference with CMI prohibited)
37GSection 226H amended (Commercial dealing in work subject to CMI interference)
37HSection 226I amended (Contravention of section 226G or 226H)
9Section 40 amended (Section 226B amended (Rights of issuer of TPM work))
10Section 44 amended (Schedule 1 amended)
11Part 2 repealed
12Section 58 amended (Section 59 amended (Time limits and waivers))
13Section 63 amended (New Part 2A inserted)
36GLinks forwarded and other instruments must be published and made available
13ANew section 68A inserted (Section 61 amended (Regulations))
68ASection 61 amended (Regulations)
14Section 69 amended (New section 61A inserted (Regulations regarding alternative monetary thresholds for overseas investments in significant business assets))
15Section 77 amended (Schedule 1AA amended)
16Section 79 amended (Section 2 amended (Interpretation))
17Section 81 amended (Section 7A amended (Orders in Council about preferential countries))
18Section 82 amended (Section 15A amended (Interpretation))
19Section 83 amended (Section 15B amended (Chief executive may undertake transitional safeguard investigation))
20Section 86 amended (Section 15F amended (Application of transitional safeguard measure))
21Section 88 amended (Section 15H amended (Provisional transitional safeguard measure))
22Section 90 amended (Tariff, note 2 amended)
23Section 91 amended (Tariff, note 3 amended)
24Section 106 replaced (New regulation 8A inserted (Labelling of grape ice wine for export following entry into force of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement))
106New regulation 8A inserted (Labelling of grape ice wine for export)
8ALabelling of grape ice wine for export
25Schedule 2 amended
26Schedule 3 amended
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: