National Animal Identification and Tracing Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • enacted
7 New sections 9A and 9B inserted

After section 9, insert:

9A Minister may appoint person to attend meetings of board


The Minister may appoint a person to perform the following functions:


to observe the decision-making processes and decisions of the board; and


to assist the board to understand Government priorities and expectations; and


to advise the Minister on any matters relating to the NAIT organisation.


Before making the appointment, the Minister must, after receiving advice from the Director-General, be satisfied that the person has the appropriate skills and expertise.


The person appointed may attend any meeting of the board but may not vote.


The board must give the person appointed sufficient notice of its meetings and copies of all documents and materials to be considered in relation to each meeting.


The appointment must be made on terms and conditions agreed between the Minister and the person appointed.


In this section, board means the board or governing body of the NAIT organisation.

9B Minister may notify Government priorities and expectations

The Minister may, by notice in writing to the NAIT organisation, state the Government’s priorities and expectations relating to the organisation’s performance of its functions and duties under this Act.