COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill

  • enacted
24 Power to direct business or undertaking to close


An enforcement officer who has reasonable grounds to believe that a business or undertaking, or part of a business or undertaking, is operating in contravention of a section 11 order or contrary to any conditions imposed on its operation by a section 11 order may direct any person who appears to be in charge of the business or undertaking, or that part, to close and cease operation until a later time stated in the direction that does not exceed 24 hours after it is given.


As soon as a direction is given, the owner or manager or person to whom it is given may appeal to a District Court Judge for the revocation of the direction.


The Judge—


may revoke the direction either unconditionally or subject to any conditions that they think fit to impose; or


may refuse to revoke the direction.


The filing of an appeal does not suspend, interfere with, or affect the application of the direction concerned.