Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill

Part 4 Appropriate authorities, special rules for certain organisations, the Ombudsmen’s role, etc

Subpart 1—Appropriate authorities

23 Meaning of appropriate authority


In this Act, appropriate authority, without limiting the meaning of that term,—


includes the head of any public sector organisation; and


includes any officer of Parliament; and


includes (as examples) the persons or bodies listed in the second column of Schedule 2; and


includes the membership body of a particular profession, trade, or calling with the power to discipline its members; but


does not include—


a Minister; or


a member of Parliament.




the appropriate authority for intelligence and security information is the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security only; and


the appropriate authority for international relations information is an Ombudsman only.

Compare: 2000 No 7 ss 3(1), 12(2)(b), 13(2)(a)