End of Life Choice Bill

15 Lethal dose of Mmedication chosen


This section applies after section 14 is complied with.


When the person wishes to exercise the option of receiving assisted dying, he or she they must tell inform the attending medical practitioner.


The attending medical practitioner must—


tell advise the person about the following methods for the administration of a lethal dose of medication:


ingestion, triggered by the person:


intravenous delivery, triggered by the person:


ingestion through a tube triggered by the attending medical practitioner:


injection administered by the attending medical practitioner; and


ask the person to choose one of the methods; and


ask the person to choose the time at which he or she wishes for the administration of the medication the medication to be administered; and


ensure that the person knows that he or she they can change his or her their mind at any time before the administration of the medication.


At least 48 hours before the chosen time of administration, the attending medical practitioner must—


write the appropriate prescription for the person; and


advise the registrar of the method and time chosen; and.


provide the registrar with the prescription.


The registrar must check that the process in sections 8 to 14 has been complied with.


If the registrar is satisfied that the process in sections 8 to 14 has been complied with, the registrar must notify the attending medical practitioner accordingly.


co-sign the prescription for the person; and


provide the co-signed prescription to the attending medical practitioner.