Partnerships (Architects) Order 1972

  • revoked
  • Partnerships (Architects) Order 1972: revoked, on 2 May 2008, by section 118(a) of the Limited Partnerships Act 2008 (2008 No 1).

as at 2 May 2008

Partnerships (Architects) Order 1972

(SR 1972/81)

  • Partnerships (Architects) Order 1972: revoked, on 2 May 2008, by section 118(a) of the Limited Partnerships Act 2008 (2008 No 1).


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PURSUANT to section 456(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1955, His Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, hereby makes the following order.

1 Title
  • This Order may be cited at the Partnerships (Architects) Order 1972.

2 Maximum number of members of partnership of architects
  • For the purposes of subsection (1) of section 456 of the Companies Act 1955 (as substituted by section 12 of the Companies Amendment Act 1966), the practice of architecture is hereby declared to be a profession that is not customarily carried on by a body corporate.


Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the order, but is intended to indicate its general effect.

The effect of this order is that a partnership of persons practising architecture may have up to 50 members (instead of up to 25 only) without having to register as a company under the Companies Act 1955.

Issued under the authority of the Regulations Act 1936.

Date of notification in Gazette: 20 April 1972.


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