Explosives Authorisation Order 1994

  • revoked
  • Explosives Authorisation Order 1994: revoked, on 6 November 2008, by clause 3 of the Regulations Revocation Order 2008 (SR 2008/367).

as at 6 November 2008

Explosives Authorisation Order 1994

(SR 1994/5)

  • Explosives Authorisation Order 1994: revoked, on 6 November 2008, by clause 3 of the Regulations Revocation Order 2008 (SR 2008/367).


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this eprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this eprint, together with other explanatory material about this eprint.

These regulations are administered in the Department of Labour.

PURSUANT to section 11 of the Explosives Act 1957, Her Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, hereby makes the following order.

1 Title and commencement
  • (1) This order may be cited as the Explosives Authorisation Order 1994.

    (2) This order shall come into force on the 28th day after the date of its notification in the Gazette.

2 Interpretation
  • In this order, a reference to any specified class of explosive or to any specified division of any class is a reference to that class of explosive or to that division according to the classification in the Schedule to the Explosives Act 1957.

3 Safety distance categories
  • The safety distance category symbols specified in Schedule 1 to this order are hereby allotted to the several categories of explosives specified in Schedule 2 to this order for the purposes of storage in the manner indicated in Schedule 2.

4 Authorised explosives
  • (1) The explosives specified in Schedule 2 to this order are hereby declared to be authorised explosives for the purposes of the Explosives Act 1957.

    (2) Notwithstanding subclause (1) of this clause, no explosive shall be an authorised explosive unless it complies with the provisions of this order relating to the class or division of explosive to which it belongs.

5 Purity and characteristics of class 3 or class 4 explosives
  • (1) Every authorised explosive of class 3 or class 4, and every explosive ingredient of any such explosives, shall be so thoroughly purified and be otherwise of such a character as to satisfy the Abel heat test.

    (2) Every authorised blasting explosive of division 1 of class 3 or division 1 of class 4 shall be of such character and consistency as not to be liable to liquefaction or exudation.

    (3) Every authorised blasting explosive of division 1 of class 3 or division 1 of class 4 shall be capable of passing the following non-freezing test:

    • The explosive (after being kept at a temperature of -10ºC for 12 hours), being seeded with frozen nitroglycerine and then maintained at a temperature of -10ºC for a period of 10 days, shall not show any signs of being frozen.

6 Certain explosives to be kept in waterproof containers
  • (1) Every authorised blasting explosive of class 2 or class 3 or class 4 in which ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, or sodium chloride is used as an ingredient, and every authorised explosive of class 3 in which nitroglycol is used as an ingredient, shall be contained in cartridge wrappers or cases made thoroughly waterproof with melted paraffin or other suitable waterproofing material.

    (2) Notwithstanding subclause (1) of this clause, where—

    • (a) Any authorised blasting explosive of class 2 or class 3 or class 4 in which ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, or sodium chloride is used as an ingredient; or

    • (b) Any authorised blasting explosive of class 3 in which nitroglycol is used as an ingredient—

    is designed as a free-flowing explosive, it shall be sufficient compliance with subclause (1) of this clause if the inner package required by regulation 64 of the Explosives Regulations 19591 is made thoroughly waterproof in such a manner as will keep atmospheric moisture out.

7 Revocations
  • The following orders are hereby revoked:

    • (a) The Explosives Authorisation Order 1983 (SR 1983/212):

    • (b) The Explosives Authorisation Order 1983, Amendment No 1 (SR 1987/90).

Schedule 1
Safety Distance Categories

Reg 3

Category SymbolNature of Explosives
xExplosives having fire or slight explosion risk or both, with only local effect.
yExplosives having mass fire risk, or moderate explosion risk, but not mass explosion risk.
zExplosives having a mass explosion risk with serious missile effect.
zzExplosives having mass explosion risk with a minor missile effect.

Schedule 2
Authorised explosives

Reg 4

  • Schedule 2 was substituted, as from 1 July 2001, by clause 3 Explosives Authorisation Amendment Order 2001 (SR 2001/137).

 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Class 1: Gunpowders
Dongzin Black Powder Factory:    
Thundershot Black Powder, Cannon, FG, FFG, FFFG, FFFFG, Meal, FA-7FAZZ0027D1.1
Superfine Black Rifle Powders: Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFgZZ0027D1.1
Black Rifle Powders: Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFgZZ0027D1.1
ICI (Orica):    
Gunpowders: F, FF, FFFZZ0027D1.1
PN/SN Blasting PowderZZ   
Wano Gunpowder F, FFF, FFFFZZ0027D1.1
Wano Cannister Powder Nos 2, 4, 6ZZ0027D1.1
Petro Explosives Inc USA:    
Elephant Brand Grades Cannon, 1FG, 2FG, 3FG, 4FG, 5FGZZ0027D1.1
Poudrerie D'Aubonne SA:    
Authentic Swiss Black PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Poudre De Chasse NoireZZ0027D1.1
UEE, Union Espanola de Explosives:    
Black Powders:    
Meal AZZ0027D1.1
Van Tiel Pyrotechnics Ltd: Thundershot Black Powder, Cannon, FG, FFG, FFFG, 4FG, Meal FA-7FAZZ0027D1.1
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Class 2: Nitrate mixture
Ammonium Nitrate Explosive MixtureZZ0082D1.1
Du Pont:    
Iremite 62ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex S500ZZ0241D1.1
Dyno Nobel:    
Detapower Series:    
Emulite Permitted P1–415, 416, 417ZZ0241D1.1
ERT Pty Ltd:    
Riogel F Pre Split/RiosplitZZ0241D1.1
Riogel GZZ0241D1.1
Hodgdon Powder Inc:    
Pyrodex CTGZZ0160C1.1
Pyrodex RSZZ0160C1.1
Pyrodex RS (Select)ZZ0160C1.1
Pyrodex PZZ0160C1.1
ICI (Orica):    
Avalauncher Rocket BodyZZ0241D1.1
Impact SF5, SF3ZZ0241D1.1
Molanite 95BZZ0241D1.1
Powergel 3131ZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Gold 2500 Series (Emulsion)ZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Magnum 3151ZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Permitted (NZ manufacture)ZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Permitted 2000 SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Powergel PrimerZZ0241D1.1
Powergel SeismicZZ0241D1.1
Superfrac A.N. Added PowergelZZ0241D1.1
Bulk Emulsion Range:    
Energan Gold SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Energan McRaes SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Energan Nova SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Handibulk Super DryZZ0241D1.1
Handibulk Super WetZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Gold SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Powergel McRaes SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Nova SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Bulk Powergel:    
Novalite SeriesZZ0241D1.1
Powergel MagnumZZ0241D1.1
Powergel Pyromex PrimerZZ0241D1.1
Redbull Powder Co Ltd:    
RedEx 100ZZ0332D1.5
RedEx 200ZZ0332D1.5
RedEx 300ZZ0332D1.5
RedEx 400ZZ0332D1.5
Total Energy Systems Australia:    
Breakrite BulkZZ0241D1.1
Fragmax 60-100ZZ0332D1.5
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Class 3: Nitro-compound
Division 1
Cordite MDZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Du Pont:    
Hi-Velocity GelatineZZ0081D1.1
Red Arrow 1ZZ0081D1.1
Red Arrow BlastingZZ0081D1.1
Special GelatineZZ0081D1.1
Du Pont Smokeless Powders:    
Hi-Skor 800 X Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Hi-Skor 700 X Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
M X Smokeless Shotgun PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
SS 8075XZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
SS 8081XZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Gelex Nos 1 and 2ZZ0160/0161D1.1/1.3
Ensign Bickford:    
Geoprime Seismic BoostersZZ0042D1.1
Hercules Smokeless Powders:    
Red DotZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Green DotZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Blue DotZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Reloader 7ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Hodgdon-Manufactured by Primex Technology Inc:    
Propellant Powder:    
Lil' GunZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Long ShotZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Universal ClaysZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
ICI (Orica):    
AN Gelatine DynamiteZZ0081D1.1
AN 60 GeligniteZZ0081D1.1
Gelatine DynamiteZZ0081D1.1
Glasgow Shotgun PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Hornet PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Morcol (P)ZZ0081D1.1
Neodisc No 10ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 0ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 1ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 2ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 3ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 6ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 9ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Neodisc Powder No 20ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Parabellum PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Pistol Powder No 3ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Revolver Powder No 1ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Rimfire PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Shotgun PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Superim PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
SN GelatineZZ0081D1.1
SN Gelatine DynamiteZZ0081D1.1
Handgun Powder No 1010ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Shotgun Powder Nos 2010 and 2020ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Rifle Powder Nos 200, 202, 204ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
HLX Sheet ExplosiveZZ0084D1.1
A1 Shotgun PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Vectan Poudre De Chasse AD, AS, D20ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
S5 Propellant PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N133ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N135ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N165ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N318ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N344ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N350ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder 3N37ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 231ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 296ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 350ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 473AAZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 540ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 571ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 630ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 680ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 748ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 760ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder 785ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder WSFZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder WSLZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Ballpowder WSTZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Propellant Powder PR 320ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Propellant Powder PR 370ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Propellant Powder PR 450ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Division 2
ADI Limited:    
Smokeless Powders:    
AR2213 SCZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Benchmark 1ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Benchmark 2ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Aliachem (Czech Republic):    
Lovex TecnaZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Alliant Powder Co:    
American Select Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Blue Dot Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Bullseye Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Green Dot Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Herco Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Power Pistol Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Reloder 15 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Reloder 19 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Reloder 22 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Reloder 25 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Steel Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Unique Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
2400 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Baschieri Pellagari:    
B&P Smokeless Powder M925ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Beston Chemical Corporation USA:    
Cast Boosters Various SizesZZ0042D1.1
Collodion CottonY---
Du Pont (Dyno Nobel):    
Detaprimers GA and WGZZ0042D1.1
Detasheet EL 506ZZ0084D1.1
HDP Primers Nos 1, 2, 3ZZ0042D1.1
P B Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Pourvex ExtraZZ0241D1.1
Rifle Powder 4831ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
SR 4756 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
SR 7625 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Tovex 100ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 200ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 210ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 472ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 473 (P)ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 500ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 505ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 600ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 700ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 930ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 5000 SD-SZZ0241D1.1
Tovex ExtraZZ0241D1.1
Tovex SSSZZ0241D1.1
Tovex T2ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex TRZZ0241D1.1
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Dynamit Nobel GmbH:    
Booster HMX 400 F NobelZZ0042D1.1
Dyno Nobel (Dyno Wesfarmers):    
Detapower 300G SeriesZZ0332D1.5
Detapower 300S SeriesZZ0332D1.5
Detaprimers GA and WGZZ0042D1.1
HDP Primers Nos 1, 2, 3ZZ0042D1.1
Pourvex ExtraZZ0241D1.1
Ringprime BoostersZZ0042D1.1
Tovex 90ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex 100ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex Blastrite 3ZZ0241D1.1
Tovex Minerite 2ZZ0241D1.1
EC Sporting PowderZZ0160C1.1
Ensign-Bickford Co:    
Boosters Various (HMX/RDX)ZZ0042D1.1
Slip on BoostersZZ0042D1.1
Halliburton Energy Services:    
Booster Receptor for Ballistic TransferZZ0042D1.1
Smokeless Powder:    
International ClaysZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
ICI (Orica):    
Anzomex BoostersZZ0042D1.1
Anzomex Power Plus PrimersZZ0042D1.1
Anzomex Slider, Primer MKIIZZ0042D1.1
Magna PrimerZZ0042D1.1
Primasheet 1000ZZ0084D1.1
Revolver PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Rifle Powders Nos 0, 1, 2, 3ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Seismic BoostersZZ0042D1.1
Slip on BoostersZZ0042D1.1
IES Pty Ltd:    
IMR Powder Co:    
Smokeless Powder IMR 3031ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4064ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4198ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4227ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4320ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4350ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4740ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
IMR 4831ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder IMR 4895ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
IMR 7828ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Modified Smokeless DiamondZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Mulwex Propellant Powders (ADI Ltd):    
AP 90ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AS 50ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2201 Rifle PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2205ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2206ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2207ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2208ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2209ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2210ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
AR 2213ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Nitro Bickford France:    
Seismic BoostersZZ0042D1.1
Nitrokemia Ipartelepek:    
Rex Smokeless Powders:    
Handgun Powder No 1020ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Pistol Powder No 1028 (P1)ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Pistol Powder No 1209 (P2)ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Pistol Powder No 1210 (P3)ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Olin Corporation-Winchester Division:    
WAP Action Pistol also known as WPR 289ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
WMR-780 Smokeless PowderZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Tunniprime 25ZZ0042D1.1
Penta-erythritoltetranitrate (PETN)ZZ1060D1.1
Picric AcidZZ0154D1.1
Quin Investments Pty Ltd:    
Cast Boosters-1.4 kg and 1.5 kg (Hexalite)ZZ0042D1.1
SNPE Propellant Powders:    
Vectan Ba 9ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Vectan Ba 10ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Vectan Tu 2ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Vectan Tu 4ZZ0160/0161D1.1/1.3
Synthesia a.s. Zavod Explosia:    
Semtex 10-SEZZ0084D1.1
Tetra-nitro-methyl-analine (tetryl)ZZ0208D1.1
Tri-nitro-toluene (TNT)ZZ0209D1.1
Trojan Corp USA:    
Superprime Universal BoostersZZ0042D1.1
UEE Spain:    
Distributor-Redbull Powder Co Ltd    
Boosters 150 g, 250 g, 400 g, 450 gZZ0042D1.1
Smokeless Powder N110ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N120ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N130ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N140ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N160ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N310ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N320ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
Smokeless Powder N340ZZ0160/0161C1.1/1.3
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Class 4: Chlorate mixture
Division 1
Division 2
Smoke PelletsX1479G1.4
Class 5: Fulminate
Division 1
Fulminate of MercuryZZ0135A1.1
Division 2
Lead AzideZZ0129A1.1
Lead Tri-nitro-resorcinate (Lead Styphnate)ZZ0130A1.1
1.1 Tetrazene (Guanyl-nitrosoamino guanyl tetrazene)ZZ0114A1.1
Class 6: Ammunition
Division 1
Accles and Shelvoke Ltd:    
Humane Cattle Stunner BlanksX0014S1.4
Ampac Industrial CartridgesX0323S1.4
Armor Holdings Inc:    
Flameless Grenade-517CS, 117CN, 317 SAF-SmokeX0303G1.4
Liquid Agent Barricade, 12 Gauge FerretX0301G1.4
No 25 Distraction DeviceX0410D1.4
No T23 Powder Filled Barricade Round-OC, CN, CS, PracticeX0301G1.4
No 40-17CN-CS Smoke, 40 mm (Black Powder)X0301G1.4
Triple Chaser 515CS. 115CN, 315, SAF-SmokeX0303G1.4
37 mm Short-range 570CS, 219 CNX0301G1.4
40 mm Ferret Liquid Filled Barricade Round-CN, CS, OC, PracticeX0301G1.4
Ashimori Industry Co Ltd:    
Airbag Igniters/ModulesX0503G1.4
Atlas Copco:    
Atlas Starter CartridgesX0323S1.4
Percussion Caps for Atlas Starter Cartridges (Sinoxid RWS Primers)X0044S1.4
Baker Oil Tools:    
Power Charges Various, SN/PPX0323S1.4
Bell Helicopter Textron:    
Cartridge Power Device Item No 3098X0323S1.4
Breed Technologies Inc USA:    
Airbag Igniter/ModuleX0323S1.4
CAD Inc Cartridge Actuator Devices:    
Cartridge Power Device P/N-BL11140-1X0323S1.4
Cutters Cable Mk 23 Mod.0X0070S1.4
Cutters Cable P/N Y-1265-2-1X0070S1.4
Cutters Cable P/N Y-1265-7-1X0070S1.4
China Forward Fireworks Co Ltd:    
Cannon FuseX0317G1.4
Electric MatchX0454S1.4
Daicel Safety Systems Japan:    
Airbag Igniter/ModulesX0503G1.4
Davey Bickford:    
Safety FuseX0105S1.4
Defence Technology Florida USA:    
Distraction DeviceX0410D1.4
Distraction Device Command Initiated ReloadX0410D1.4
Drag Stabilise 12 Gauge Bean BagX0012S1.4
Ferret-12 Liquid CSX0301G1.4
Ferret-12 Powder CSX0301G1.4
Ferret-40 Liquid CSX0301G1.4
Ferret-37 Powder CSX0301G1.4
Omni-Blast 100X0257B1.4
Spede-Heat-37 Short Range CSX0301G1.4
Stinger Grenade Rubber Pellet/CSX0301G1.4
Sponge RoundZ0339C1.4
TKO 12 Gauge Breaching RoundX0012S1.4
Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade CSX0303G1.4
Triple Chaser CS GrenadeX0301G1.4
ICI (Orica):    
Alisa Waxed Safety FuseX0105S1.4
Orange Superior and Selected Buff Safety FuseX0105S1.4
Kemica Ltd:    
Cassette Degradation (S-200) Red Maxi PakX0432S1.4
Martin Baker Aircraft Co Ltd:    
Cockpit Canopy Jettison No 2 Mk 2 MBCJ 560-1X0276C1.4
Seat Ejection Drogue No 1 Mk 2 MBEU 2996441X0323S1.4
Seat Ejection Secondary No 3 Mk 3 MBEU 17621-1X0276C1.4
Seat Ejection Secondary No 3 Mk 3 MBEU 646 AVYX0276C1.4
Morton International: Airbag Igniter/ModuleX0503G1.4
Seat Belt PretensionersX0503G1.4
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Morton Thiokol Automotive USA:    
Airbag Igniters/ModuleX0503G1.4
Nammo Vanasverken:    
Power Unit-PC (for CG Power Cutter)X0323S1.4
Nico Pyrotechnik:    
Atwess, Cartridge Simulator M22P1X0488G1.3
Plus System CS/1-DX0301G1.4
Plus System CS15/PX0301G1.4
Sound and Flash Grenades, 1-9 Bang, Training, Aluminium, or SteelX0431G1.4
22 mm Mortar Training CartridgesX0362G1.4
40 mm x 46 Cartridge with CS/1DX0301G1.4
40 mm x 46 Cartridge with Irritant CS/15-PX0301G1.4
40 mm x 46 Cartridge with Smoke, NT/15X0303G1.4
40 mm x 46 Illumination Cartridge, ParachuteX0297G1.4
40 mm x 46 Practice Cartridge with Impact SignatureX0012S1.4
40 mm x 46 Sound and Flash CartridgeX0412E1.4
40 mm x 46 Sound and Flash Cartridge with Impact FuseX0297G1.4
40 mm x 53 Flash Bang Practice Cartridge with Impact FuseX0362G1.4
40 mm x 53 Manoeuvre CartridgeX0338C1.4
40 mm x 53 Practice Cartridge with Tracer and Impact SignatureX0328C1.2
44 mm Coloured Smoke Grenade, VariousX0431G1.4
44 mm Smoke GrenadeX0303G1.4
60 mm Coloured Smoke GrenadeX0431G1.4
74 mm Smoke Grenade, 80 secX0303G1.4
Nippon Kayaku Co Ltd:    
Airbag ModuleX0503G1.4
Nonel GT Assembly-Tube PortionX---
NSK Ltd:    
Seatbelt PretensionerX0503G1.4
Signal Tube Excel Connector LineX0349S1.4
Pacific Scientific Company:    
Importer-Airwork NZ Ltd Fire Extinguisher Actuator for AircraftX0323S1.4
Percussion CapsX0044S1.4
Pyrotechnic Flame Detector Type 3DX---
Railway Fog SignalsX0193S1.4
Railway Track Fog Signals Plastic Bodies H & SX0193S1.4
Rockbreaking Solutions Pty Ltd:    
Electric IgniterX0454S1.4
Safety Cartridge Case:    
(Empty) CappedX0055S1.4
(Empty) PrimedX0055S1.4
Safety Cartridges-AmmunitionX0012S1.4
Schlumberger Reservoir Completions:    
Power Super Set PropellantX0323S1.4
Super Set Power Cartridge, SN/CARX0323S1.4
Sentinel Replacement CartridgesX0323S1.4
Sinoxid RWS PrimersX---
Skorpion Anti-hold-up Protection Security DeviceX---
Cartridges SA 243 SMX0012S1.4
Cartridges 30-60 CalibreX0012S1.4
Swartklip Products South Africa:    
Boulder Booster Cartridge 10 gm and 15 gmX0323S1.4
Boulder Buster CartridgeX0323S1.4
Takata Corporation Japan:    
Seatbelt PretensionersX0503G1.4
TEC/ERTDistributor Redbull Powder Co:    
Safety FuseX0105S1.4
Titan Specialties Inc:    
Power Charge, Titan, SN/PPX0323S1.4
Tokai-Rika Co Ltd Japan:    
Airbag Igniter/ModuleX0503G1.4
Seat Belt PretensionersX0503G1.4
TRW Safety Systems USA:    
Airbag IgniterX0503G1.4
Umgang Nur Durch, Gurtschultes:    
Seatbelt PretensionerX0503G1.4
Van Tiel Pyrotechnics Ltd:    
Cannon FuseX0317G1.4
Electric Igniters, Spark HitsX0325G1.4
Electric MatchX0454S1.4
Walter Kidde:    
Fire Extinguisher Actuator 58311 SeriesX0323S1.4
Wano Schwarzpulver GmbH:    
Safety FuseX0105S1.4
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Division 2
Accurate Energetic Systems:    
Detonating Cord (HNS)ZZ0290/0289D1.1/1.4
Cannon FuseX0101G1.3
Cartridges for Cannon, Shells, Mines, Depth Charges, Torpedoes, Blasting, and Other Like ChargesXX,Y   
Combat Simulation Systems Pty Ltd:    
Pyronex Charges ElectricX0431G1.4
Detonates Nacionales SA Antofagasta Chile:    
Total Cord 3ZZ0065D1.1
Du Pont:    
Detaline CordZZ0065D1.1
RX PrimalineZZ0065D1.1
Special 25 Detonating CordZZ0065D1.1
Special 30 Detonating CordZZ0065D1.1
Special 40 Detonating CordZZ0065D1.1
Special 50 Detonating CordZZ0065D1.1
Dynamit Nobel GmbH:    
Det Cord (HMX)ZZ0065/0349D1.1/1.4
Hexacord, Detcord, and OctocordZZ0065/0349D1.1/1.4
Dyno Nobel/Dyno Wesfarmers:    
Special 18 Detonating CordZZ0065D1.1
Electric Fuses (with 2 Insulated Wires)X0317G1.4
Ensign Bickford:    
Detonating Cord Various, RDX/PYX/HNS/HMXZZ0289D1.4
Detonating Cord Various, RDX/PYX/HNS/HMXZZ0065D1.1
Detonating Cord Metal CladZZ0290D1.1
F Cord (Fireworks Fuse)X0101G1.3
Fuse LightersX0103G1.4
Fuses for Shells, Bombs, and FlaresX0059D1.4
Geo Vann:    
Primacord 80 Grain RDXZZ0065D1.1
5'' DP Charge RDXZ0059D1.1
Goex International:    
Casing CutterZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Severing Tool, DE, All SizesZZ0059/0349D/S1.1/1.4
Tubing Cutters, All SizesZZ0059/0349D/S1.1/1.4
Halliburton Energy Services:    
Casing Cutter 12ODZZ0288D1.1
DP Cutters, All SizesZZ0059/0349D/S1.1/1.4
DP Cutters and Casing CuttersZZ0059D1.1
Drill Collar Severing Tools, All SizesZZ0059/0349D/S1.1/1.4
Severing Tool, DE, All SizesZZ0059/0349D/S1.1/1.4
Tubing Cutters, All SizesZZ0059/0349D/S1.1/1.4
ICI (Orica):    
B LineZZ0065D1.1
Lo Noise PrimacordZZ0065D1.1
Quarry CordZZ0065D1.1
Red CordZZ0065D1.1
Shear CordZZ0065D1.1
Stopeprime Primer with Plastic Spider Retaining AssemblyZZ0042D1.1
Trunk CordZZ0065D1.1
Tuff CordZZ0065D1.1
Uniflex 3.6ZZ0065D1.1
Detonating Cord (Brazil)ZZ0065D1.1
Powersplit WZZ0241D1.1
Petro Explo Inc:    
Detonating CordZZ0065/0289D1.1/1.4
Plastic Igniter CordX0066G1.4
Igniter, Safety Fuse, ElectricX0314G1.2
Meteorological Probe PWN 8B:    
Rocket Motor SR71-AD-1 (FSN 1340-NC 130 118G)3Y0280C1.1
Igniter Assembly (FSN 1340-NC 130 123G)X0315G1.3
Rockbreaking Solutions Pty Ltd:    
27.5 mm PCF CartridgeX0349S1.4
Oilwell Cartridges—    
-9/16'' Puncher Charge-0277C1.3
-21/8-25/8'' Aluminium-0277C1.3
-Pipe Cutting Device-   
Ribbon Blasting CordZZ0065D1.1
High Pressure Blasting CordZZ0065D1.1
Tubes for Firing ExplosivesX0320G1.4
Schlumberger Perforating Technology:    
Charges Various    
Schlumberger Reservoir Completions:    
Charges Various    
Big HoleZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Get AwayZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
HJ 11ZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Phased EnerjetZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Phased Power EnerjetZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Power EnerjetZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Power FlowZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Power PivotZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
Retrievable Phased EnerjetZZ0059/0441D/S1.1/1.4
TEC Chile:    
TEC Detonating Cord 12 gmX0065D1.1
UEE Spain:    
ERT Detonating Cords 3 g, 3 gT, 6 g, 6 gT, 10 gT, 12 gT, 20 gT, 40 gT, 100 gZZ0065D1.1
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Division 3
Capped Safety Fuse (Capped with Detonator)Z0029B1.1
Cartridge Actuated Devices Inc:    
Gas Cartridge ActuatorZ0323S1.4
Davey Bickford (France):    
Carrick MS Series DetonatorsZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Delay MS Series DetonatorsZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Instantaneous DetonatorsZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Seismic DetonatorsZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Plain Detonators (No 8)Z0029B1.1
De La Mere:    
Electrical Squibs D 80 and D 60 Series-for Bullet Hits    
Special EffectsZ0030B1.1
MD 1Z0030B1.1
Z 17 Electric SquibZ0030B1.1
Detonates Nacionales SA Antofagasta Chile:    
Prima Det Noiseless Trunkline Delays (NTD) Non-Electric Detonator AssemblyZ0360B1.1
Du Pont:    
Detaline StartersZ0029B1.1
Detaline in Hole MS DelaysZ0029B1.1
Detaline Surface MS DelaysZ0029B1.1
Detonators (Blasting Caps)Z0029B1.1
Detonators ElectricZ0030B1.1
Detonators Milli Second DelayZ0030B1.1
Detonators Seismograph SSSZ0030B1.1
E 96 Pressure Resistant DetonatorZ0029B1.1
E 97 Hi Temp Pressure Resistant DetonatorZ0029B1.1
MS Detonating Cord ConnectorsZZ0029B1.1
Dynamit Nobel:    
Detonator Dynawell 0026DZ0030B1.1
Detonator Special PivotZ0030B1.1
Electronic Detonators Incorporating Micro ChipZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Dyno Nobel:    
Iredet Electric Super SP DetonatorsZ0030B1.1
Nonel Super LP Series Detonator Assemblies Non-ElectricZ0360B1.1
Nonel Super MS Series Detonator Assemblies Non-ElectricZ0360B1.1
Nonel Super Snap Det Exploder Detonators Non-ElectricZ0029B1.1
Nonel Super Snap Line Detonators Non-ElectricZ0029B1.1
Ensign Bickford Co:    
EB-108 Detonators, ElectricZ0255B1.4
EB-161 Detonators, ElectricZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Fenwell Protection Systems Initiator Assembly PN31 199932.004Z0255B1.4
Activator Assembly PN32 099932.101Z0255B1.4
Indicator Fuse PN33 113612.000Z0255B1.4
Geo Vann:    
Detonating Booster C63 HMXZ0029B1.1
Detonating Booster P-3Z0029B1.1
Hi-Temp Detonator UnitZ0029B1.1
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Goex International:    
Detonator G-21/SWS HTZ0030B1.1
IES Pty Ltd:    
Excel Bunch DetonatorZ0360B1.1
Excel Devil Det DetonatorsZ0360B1.1
Excel Enduradet DetonatorZ0360B1.1
Excel Lead In Lines (Long Lead Instantaneous Non-Electric Detonators)Z0360B1.1
ICI (Orica):    
Atlas Masterdet MS Delay Electric DetonatorsZ0030B1.1
Atlas Staticmaster Seismic DetonatorsZ0030B1.1
Connectadet Non-Electric Detonating DelayZ0360B1.1
Cordline Short Delay DetonatorsZ0029B1.1
Detonators No 6 and No 8Z0029B1.1
Detonators ElectricZ0030B1.1
Detonators Electric Carrick Short DelayZ0030B1.1
Detonators Electric Delay ActionZ0030B1.1
Detonators Electric Delay Action GaslessZ0030B1.1
Detonators Electric SeismicZ0030B1.1
Detonators Electric Short Delay L SeriesZ0030B1.1
Detonators Electric SubmarineZ0030B1.1
Detonating Relay ConnectorsZ0029B1.1
Exel DetonatorsZ0030B1.1
No 8 Carrick Short Delay Detonators Nos 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4Z0030B1.1
Primadet Detonator LPZ0030B1.1
Primadet Detonator MSZ0030B1.1
Primadet MS ConnectorsZ0029B1.1
Primadet Trunkline Delay (TLD)Z0030B1.1
Siline Relay ConnectorsZ0029B1.1
Kidde-Fenwal Inc USA:    
Detonators ElectricZ0456S1.4
Nonel GT Systems:    
Nonel CT DetonatorZ0029B1.1
Nonel GT 1 ConnectionZ0029B1.1
Nonel GT 2 ConnectionZ0029B1.1
Nonel Tube-Refer Class 6    
Division 1    
Orica Brazil:    
Detonator DFC-10 Fluid De-sensitisedZ0030B1.1
Petro Explo Inc:    
Detonator, TEC-1 Fluid De-sensitisedZ0030/0255B1.1/1.4
Precision Blasting Systems GmbH:    
i-kon Detonator (Electronic)Z0030/0255.0456B/S1.1/1.4
Sasol Mining Initiators Pty Ltd (SMI):    
SMI 100 Micro Processor Programmable DetonatorsZ0030/0456B/S1.1/1.4
Unitronic Micro Processor Electric Delay DetonatorZ0030/0456B/S1.1/1.4
Electric DetonatorZ0030B1.1
Schlumberger Perforating Technologies:    
Time Delay UnitZ0360B1.1
Schlumberger Reservoir Completions:    
Detonator Percussion High TempZ0030B1.1
Schermuly/Pains Wessex:    
Spare IgnitersX0315G1.3
Spare Cartridges for Line Throwing RocketX0186C1.3
TEC Chile:    
TEC/ERT Electric Delay DetonatorsZ0030B1.1
TEC/ERT No 8 Plain DetonatorsZ0029B1.1
TEC/ERT Non Electric Delay Detonator AssembliesZ0361B1.4
UEE-ERT Electric Delay Detonators, 20ms, 30ms, 0.5 seriesZ0030B1.1
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Class 7: Fireworks
Division 1
Division 2
Bouquets, coloured fires and lights, crackers, fountains, gerbs, lances, maroons, mines, port fires, rockets, roman candles, saxons, scintilettes, serpents, squibs (with or without reports), tourbillions, wheels, and other manufactured fireworks that are, in each case, fireworks intended for display or entertainment purpose and not suitable for inclusion in Division 3 according to the classification in the Schedule of the Explosives Act 1957ZZ0333G1.1
Aerotech Model Rocket Engines    
Sizes A-GX0349S1.4
Sizes H-MX0349S1.4
Reloadable Motor Systems sizes A-G    
Bristol Marine Distress Signals:    
Hand-held Orange Smoke Distress SignalsX0191G1.4
Hand-held Red Flare Distress SignalsX0191G1.4
Brown-Smoke-Puff ½''X0303G1.4
C-I-L/Evan Inc Canada:    
Streeks IIX0432S1.4
Comet GmbH Flares:    
Article Nos 1104 and 1127 Line Throwing Type 250X0238G1.2
Article No 1215 Smoke SignalX0197G1.4
Article No 1216 Man Overboard UnitX0197G1.4
Article No 1217 Smoke SignalX0197G1.4
Article No 1220 Red Cartridge .4 CalX0312G1.4
Article No 1221 White Cartridge .4 CalX0312G1.4
Article No 1226 Parachute Cartridge .4 CalX0312G1.4
Article No 1231 Red Parachute RocketX0195G1.3
Article No 1232 Red Parachute Rocket    
Article No 1237 Parachute Illuminating Rocket WhiteX0195G1.3
Article No 1320 Buoyant Orange Smoke SignalX0197G1.4
Article No 1322 Orange Smoke TorchX0191G1.4
Article No 1324 Red Hand-heldX0191G1.4
Article No 1325 White Hand FlareX0191G1.4
Article No 1326 Hand Smoke TorchX0197G1.4
Article No 1328 Red Hand-heldX0191G1.4
Day/Night Signal ArticleX0191G1.4
Delayed Action Incendiary Device (DAID)X   
Delta Mini Smoke SignalsX0191G1.4
Distress Signal RocketsX0334G1.2
Model Rocket Engine-Type A-DX0432S1.4
Firework Professionals Ltd:    
Stage Flash-MaroonX0335G1.3
Stage Flash RedX0335G1.3
Stage Flash WhiteX0335G1.3
Stage Flash White (Fast)X0335G1.3
Stage Flash White (Slow)X0335G1.3
Streamer CannonX0335G1.3
Confetti Cannon (Small and Large)X0335G1.3
Stage Fireballs:    
Stage Flare High IntensityX0335G1.3
Stage Flares:    
Foti's International Fireworks:    
Flame PotX0430G1.3
Flash PotX0336G1.4
Spark PotX0336G1.4
Highway Flare-Red Fuse 30 min and 15 minX0191G1.4
Howard FlashpotsX0335G1.3
May Day Signal FlareX0092G1.3
Horizon Ecology Co:    
Smoke CandlesX0197G1.4
Pen Signal Kit and Cartridges 16.5 mm-Ref Nos 3521, 3525, 3526, 3527, 3528, 3529X0092G1.3
Day and Night SignalX0191G1.4
Signal cartridges 38 mm, Various ColoursX0312G1.4
 Safety distance categoryUnited Nations noCompatibility groupUnited Nations class and division
Carl Flemming Buoyant Orange Smoke Signal-Ref No 3421X0191G1.4
Carl Flemming Lifebuoy Smoke Marker-Ref No 3452X0191G1.4
Carl Flemming Man Overboard-Ref No 3451X0191G1.4
Line Throwing Apparatus-Ref Nos 3461, 3462X0238G1.2
Orion Orange Hand Smoke-Ref No 3435X0191G1.4
Parachute Rocket-Ref Nos 3401, 3402X0419G1.2
Polar Hand Flare-Ref Nos 3411, 3412, 3413X0191G1.4
Signal Cartridges 26.5 mm Cal.4 Various Colours-Ref Nos 3501, 3502, 3503, 3504X0092G1.3
Signal Star Rocket-Ref No 3405X0419G1.2
2-Star Rocket-Ref No 3407X0419G 
Jem Special Effects:    
Jem stage fright (flash)X0432S1.4
Jem stage fright (smoke)X0432S1.4
Jem stage flash (standard)X0432D1.4
Jem stage flash (large)X0432S1.4
Jem silver burst (standard)X0432S1.4
Jem silver burst (large)X0432S1.4
Jem silver burst (giant)X0432S1.4
Jem golden burstX0432S1.4
Jem coloured flashX0432S1.4
Jem coloured fireX0432S1.4
Jem coloured smoke 10 secX0432S1.4
Jem coloured smoke 20 secX0432S1.4
Jem maroon smallX0431G1.4
Jem maroon mediumX0431G1.4
Jem maroon largeX0431G1.4
Kilgore Unistar Meteor SignalX0092G1.3
Le Maitre Pyrotechnics Inc:    
Gold Gerb MiniX0431G1.4
Mini Gerbs Silver and Silver Long DurationX0431G1.4
Shimmer Gerb MiniX0431G1.4
Silver Jet/Silver Jet Reduced HeightX0431G1.4
Silver StarX0431G1.4
Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC):    
Model Rocket Engines A-CX0432S1.4
MP Associates:    
KA Series FountainsX0336G1.4
60 Second Red High Volume Squibbed SmokeX0197G1.4
Flitter FlashX0335G1.3
Photo FlashX0335G1.3
Sparkle FlashX0335G1.3
10 Shot TracerX0336G1.4
38 mm TracersX0336G1.4
Nico Pyrotechnik:    
Signal Cartridges with Revolving HeadX0312G1.4
Smoke Generator CS3 1750 White, Low Toxic, ElectricX0303G1.4
Hand Held White FlareX0191G1.4
Hand Flare-Red-2 minute, 500 CandlesX0191G1.4
Hand Signal-Orange Smoke 50 second Burning TimeX0191G1.4
Penguin Signal Kit-7 Red Signal Flares (Type SKD-15/P255/1)X0092G1.3
Seal Control Unit (Cracker)X0335G1.3
25 mm Red Meteor Signal CartridgeX0092G1.3
Precision Theatrical Effects:    
Cannon Simulator/ConcussionX0431G1.4
Flame Mortar-100 200 All ColoursX0431G1.4
Gerb TS/Flare and FlashX0431G1.4
Mines All Colours and EffectsX0431G1.4
Mortar Hit Type 3, 4, R, RS, G, GS, YX0431G1.4
RTG AirburstX0431G1.4
Quest Aerospace Educaton:    
Rocket Motors Sizes A-CX0349S1.4
Thunderflash-5'' x 1''Z0335G1.3
Schermuly/Pains Wessex:    
16 mm Mini Distress Flare various coloursX0092G1.3
1'' Signal Verey-various coloursX0092G1.3
½'' Signal Verey-various coloursX0092G1.3
Navigational Hand Flare various coloursX0191G1.4
Distress Signal Hand Flare-various coloursX0191G1.4
16 mm Miniflare Distress Signal Kit-various coloursX0092G1.3
Hand fired, 1½'' Distress Signal-various colours with/without parachute IcarusTypesX0421G1.2
Line Throwing:    
International and AccessoriesX0238G1.2
2 lb (41 mm) InternationalX0238G1.2
12 lb (70 mm) CoastguardX0238G1.2
12 lb (70 mm) EngineersX0238G1.2
Signal-Distress-Underwater DiversX0197G1.4
Signal Smoke WhiteX0197G1.4
Signal Distress-Buoyant SmokeX0197G1.4
Signal Distress-Hand-held SmokeX0191G1.4
Signal Warning-Flash/Sound/TraceZZ0191G1.4
Smoke Canisters Type WROEX0197G1.4
Smoke Generators No 2X0197G1.4
Smoke Generators No 10 (NZ)X0197G1.4
Elios (Red Torch)X0191G1.4
Titan (Para Rocket Red)X0334G1.2
Vulcan (Float Smoke Orange)X0197G1.4
Apollo (Hand-held Smoke Orange)X0197G1.4
Distress SignalsZ0196G1.1
Light SignalsZ0196G1.1
Sound SignalsZ0196G1.1
Sound Signal RocketsZ0180F1.1
Starting Pistol Caps-Giant AmorcesX0336G1.4
Superior Smoke Bomb No 3CX0197G1.4
Van Tiel Pyrotechnics:    
Airburst Short CircuitX0335G1.3
Comet and TailX0335G1.3
Concussion MortarX0335/0334G1.2/1.3
Confetti, Glitter, Streamer Cannons FireballX0335G1.3
Flame Projector or Cannon,X0335G1.3
Flashpot, ColouredX0335G1.4
Fuse, Match (Bare, Piped, and Sparking)X0431G1.4
Lift ChargesX0430G1.4
Rocket MotorsX0335G1.3
Roman Candle and Multi Shot EffectsX0335G1.3
Smoke, Coloured, Black, and WhiteX0335/0336G1.3
Spark FantailX0335/0336G1.3
Spark MineX0335/0336G1.3/1.4
Starmine SystemX0335G1.3
Whistle, Hummer, TourbillionX0335G1.3
Verey Signal CartridgesX0312G1.4
Signal Cartridge Single Star .4 CalX0054G1.3
Signal Cartridge Smoke .4 CalX0054G1.3
Signal Cartridge Parachute .4 CalX0054G1.3
Signal Emergency Pack SG 277 Cal 15 mmX0092G1.3
Zinc Signal Cartridges with StarX0171G1.2
Division 3
Boquets, coloured fires and lights, crackers, fountains, gerbs, lances, maroons, mines, port fires, rockets, roman candles, saxons, scintilettes, serpents, squibs (without reports), tourbillions, wheels, and other manufactured fireworks that are, in each case, fireworks suitable for inclusion in this division according to the classification in the Schedule of the Explosives Act 1957Y0335G1.3
Ring CapsX0336G1.4
Snaps for Bonbon CrackersX0336G1.4
Streamer BombsX0337S1.4
Classification of explosives and assignment of compatibility groups

Under the recommendations of the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Explosives (Class 1) are divided into 6 Divisions as follows:

Division 1.1

This division comprises substances and articles which have a mass explosion hazard. (A mass explosion is one which affects almost the entire load virtually instantaneously.)

Division 1.2

This division comprises substances and articles which have a projection hazard but not a mass explosion hazard.

Division 1.3

This division comprises substances and articles which have a fire hazard and either a minor blast hazard or a minor projection hazard, or both, but not a mass explosion hazard. Substances and articles which give rise to considerable radiant heat or which burn one after another producing minor blast or projection effects or both come into this division.

Division 1.4

This division comprises substances and articles which present no significant hazard. They present only a small hazard in the event of ignition or initiation during transport. The effects are largely confined to the package and no projection of fragments of appreciable size or range is to be expected. An external fire must not cause virtually instantaneous explosion of almost the entire contents of the package.

NOTE-Substances and articles of this division are in Compatibility Group S if they are so packaged or designed that any hazardous effects arising from accidental functioning are confined within the package unless the package has been degraded by fire, in which case all blast or projection effects are limited to the extent that they do not significantly hinder fire-fighting or other emergency response efforts in the immediate vicinity of the package.

Division 1.5

This division comprises substances which have a mass explosion hazard but are so insensitive that there is very little probability of initiation or of transition from burning to detonation under normal conditions of transport.

NOTE-The possibility of transition from burning to detonation is greater when large quantities are stored together in an enclosed space.

Division 1.6

This division comprises articles which contain only extremely insensitive detonating substances and which demonstrate a negligible probability of accidental initiation or propagation.

NOTE-The risk from articles of Division 1.6 is limited to the explosion of a single article.

Class 1 is unique in that the type of packaging frequently has a decisive effect on the hazard and therefore on the assignment to a particular division.

Compatibility groups and classification code

Explosives are assigned to one of 13 compatibility groups which, by the use of letters, identify the kinds of explosive substances and articles which are deemed to be compatible. Compatible explosives are those which can be transported together without significantly increasing either the probability of an accident or, for a given quantity, the magnitude of the effects of such an accident. The Classification Code details the possible combinations of Divisions and Compatibility groups.

Description of ExplosivesCompatibility GroupClassification Code
Primary explosive substance...................................................................
Article containing a primary explosive substance and not containing two or more effective protective features...................................................................
Propellant explosive substance or other deflagrating explosive substance or article containing such explosive substance...................................................................
Secondary detonating explosive substance or black powder or article containing a secondary detonating explosive substance, in each case without means of initiation and without a propelling charge, or article containing a primary explosive substance and containing two or more effective protective features...................................................................
Article containing a secondary detonating explosive substance, without means of initiation, with a propelling charge (other than one containing flammable or hyper-golic liquid)...................................................................
Article containing a secondary detonating explosive substance with its own means of initiation, with a propelling charge (other than one containing a flammable liquid or gel or hypergolic liquids) or without a propelling charge...................................................................
Pyrotechnic substance, or article containing a pyrotechnic substance or article containing both an explosive substance and an illuminating incendiary, lachrymatory or smoke-producing substance (other than a water activated article or one containing white phosphorus, phosphides, a pyrophoric substance, a flammable liquid or gel or hypergolic liquids)...................................................................
Article containing both an explosive substance and white phosphorus...................................................................
Article containing both an explosive substance and a flammable liquid or gel...................................................................
Article containing both an explosive substance and a toxic chemical agent...................................................................
Explosive substance or article containing an explosive substance and presenting a special risk (eg due to water activation or a presence of hypergolic liquids, phosphides or a pyrophoric substance) and isolation of each type...................................................................
Articles containing only extremely insensitive detonating substances...................................................................
Substance or article so packed or designed that any hazardous effects arising from accidental functioning are confined within the package unless the package has been degraded by fire, in which case all blast or projection effects are limited to the extent that they do not significantly hinder or prohibit fire fighting or other emergency response efforts in the immediate vicinity of the package...................................................................


Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the order, but is intended to indicate its general effect.

This order, which comes into force 28 days after the date of its notification in the Gazette, revokes and replaces the Explosives Authorisation Order 1983.

The principal changes are as follows:

  • (a) A new list of explosives authorised for the purposes of section 11 of the Explosives Act 1957 is substituted:

  • (b) Notes explaining the United Nations numbers and classifications for different classes and divisions of authorised explosives are included.

Issued under the authority of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989.

Date of notification in Gazette: 10 February 1994.


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1 General
  • This is an eprint of the Explosives Authorisation Order 1994. It incorporates all the amendments to the order as at 6 November 2008. The list of amendments at the end of these notes specifies all the amendments incorporated into this eprint since 3 September 2007. Relevant provisions of any amending enactments that contain transitional, savings, or application provisions are also included, after the Principal enactment, in chronological order.

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3 List of amendments incorporated in this eprint (most recent first)
  • Regulations Revocation Order 2008 (SR 2008/367): clause 3

  • 1 SR 1959/126