Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota Allocation) Notice 1996

as at 9 February 1996


Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota Allocation) Notice 1996

(SR 1996/9)


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This notice is administered by the Ministry of Fisheries.

Pursuant to regulation 5(1) of the Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota) Regulations (No 2) 1995 (SR 1995/194), the Minister of Fisheries hereby gives the following notice.


1 Title and commencement
  • (1) This notice may be cited as the Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota Allocation) Notice 1996.

    (2) This notice shall come into force on the day after the date of its notification in the Gazette.

2 Allocation of jack mackerel quotas
3 Revocation
  • Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota Allocation) Notice 1995 (SR 1995/268) is hereby consequentially revoked.


cl 2

Part 1
Allocation of quota for jack mackerel in the Part Auckland (East), Central (East) Area

Client NoLegal nameAllocation (kilogrammes)
8460042Amaltal Fishing Co Limited2 200
9320077Area One Maori Fishing Consortium SBW/JMA Permit Holding Limited791 096
8420078Ashby, Ray John1 000
8840010Aston Trawling Co Partnership7 000
8960108Aston, A. P. and M.300
8430102Avery, Richard John500
8430131Barker, David Edward900
8420156Bay Fisheries Limited1 200
8430207Bithell, Keith Owen150
8420208Blackwell, Graham Edwin400
8820077Boskovic, M. & M. & Cobb, R.B.1 000
8452904Bradnock, John Wilfred1 000
8820017Bridgeman, Frederick Harold and Juanita1 000
8630038Brockelsby, Roger Arnold250
8720002Browne, Dale Ken750
8810047Carlisle, Edward Karora and Carlisle, Pamela700
9140014Cook Strait Seafoods being Fastforward Lim500
8410526Cross, Peter Charles400
8430540D’Ath, Errol Maurice1 600
8830076Dalgety, Neil John300
8430550Davidson, N.P.150
8630094Deadman, B.S. and Lees, R.W.600 000
8410585Denison, Robert Leslie150
9060030Donker Marine (1988) Limited400
8430634Driver, Samuel150
8410653Dyer, Raymond Mark100
9110008Edwards, Bailey400
8930005Edwards, Phillip George600
9220022Eileen Walker Limited100
8430685Esperance Fishing Co. Limited7 500
8413043Fisher, James S.9 000
8420775Ford, Gary150
8440794Fraser, Anthony Gordon150
8410801Frear, T.V.450
8423481Gibbs, Craig William1 000
8440865Gisborne Fisheries 1955 Limited5 500
8920018Goodall, Danny George300
8430974Hanmore, Nigel Don400
9140006Harbour Inn Restaurant Limited13 000
8421016Hartstone (Raglan) Limited2 000
9140048Harvey, Stephen Graham500
9110046Hassan, Kevin John100
8433384Heath, G.J.150
8411099Hikurangi Fisheries Limited300
9030056Honda, Fumio150
8810054Howell, Wayne Terrence1 100
8720113Humphries, Mark Clifton150
8421164Humphries, Robert Clifton1 600
8411167Hunt, Thomas Stephen700
8720001Hunter, R.J. & L.800
8453310Imlach, J.N. & G.A.4 100
8820105Jackison, Paul George200
8443473Jenssen, Jens Rydher2 500
8710089Jones, R.S.150
8610108Jones, R.S. & J.W.150
9120016Kellian, D.A. & G.R.2 000
8421288Kellian, David Arthur100
8431312King, Arthur Edward150
8620133King, Edward John200
8421439Lomas, Warren Ernest2 000
8610026Lowe, C.G. & T.A.150
8431488Maclardy, William John600
8940041Mason, William Arthur100
8720132Melling, Peter Clement250
8720075Menary, Brian Murray Glen150
8421653Merrie, Glenn100
8431664Mikaere, Ken250
8920069Moana Fishing Limited10 000
8441730Munro, Michael William150
8411754Neeley, W.R.150
8461758Nelson Fisheries Limited600 000
9270012Ngai Tahu Pacific Limited129 962
8640038O. A. McRae Fishing Limited7 500
8451809O’Callaghan, Raymond Eroll200
8411819O’Gorman, D.B.150
8461827Okey, Graham Leslie11 500
8433012Olsen, Terrence Lyall100
9240029Pacific Trawling Limited21 500
8431862Papakura Trawling & Fishing Co. Limited800
8431877Parrott, William Harry Boyd100
8630079Plews, David Frederick150
8431966Price, Thomas William1 300
8431976Pulford, Douglas Basil400
8431977Pulford, Maurice Ronald200
8411985R. L. Dyer & Sons Limited150
8630114Rawlinson, William Patrick200
8920023Roberts, Daniel150
9330066Ruakura Moana Fisheries Limited678 942
8452120San Antonio Fishing Co.8 000
8422125Sanford Limited6 431 500
8452132Saunders, Alfred John300
8840059Scampi Corp Limited1 500
8422158Scott, Rodney John150
8650062Seafresh Fisheries (NZ) Limited2 000
8462165Sealord Products Limited185 500
8412191Shoreline Fisheries Limited150
8422209Simunovich Fisheries Limited20 000
8920096Solo Fisheries Limited150
8640020South Pacific Fisheries Limited500
8640051Star Fish Supply Limited400
8470000Staunton Investments Limited100
8630041Stevenson, James Scott2 000
8432305Stock, Rodney Grant2 200
8620021Sveistrup, Hugh Kay500
8432334Sveistrup, Maurice Wayne1 000
8940117Te Runanga O Wharekauri Rekohu300
8640007Terry, Peter100
8820062Tomski, Michael John100
9240005Trio Trawling Partnership500
8412468Turnbull, Raymond Walter600
8422488Van der Voorn, Anthony Adrianus100
8432495Veal, Paul Martin400
8820088Viskovich, Alan Ivan150
9220007Walker, Christopher Desmond300
8432547Walton, John Lewis & Low, David2 800
8660017Wells, Dennis Andrew1 500
8412640Wilkinson, Desmond Ross100
8940141William Rose Trawling Co Limited400
8710141Yardley, K.L. & I.M.650
 Grand total10 000 000
 Competitive portion400 000

Part 2
Allocation of quota for jack mackerel in the South-East, Southland, Sub-Antarctic Area

Client NoLegal nameAllocation (kilogrammes)
8820078Amalgamated Marketing Limited400 000
8460042Amaltal Fishing Co Limited940 500
9320077Area One Maori Fishing Consortium SBW/JMA Permit Holding Limited260 516
8840010Aston Trawling Co Partnership500
8960136Aurora Fisheries Limited1 700
8480296Brown, Edwin Lewin350
9220013Chatton Enterprises Limited700
8470453Cleall, Richard James500
8680024Deepcove Fisheries Limited15 000
8650036Esplanade No. 1 Limited500
8460698Explorer Douglas Fishing Co.76 000
8473465Fearnley, B.M. & A.250
8470716Fearnley, Roydon Garth39 000
8470772Forbes, A.E.15 000
8470784Foster, Victor Paul54 000
8470888Goodyer, Timothy Mark1 000
8470902Graham, Robert Brian500
8480986Hardwick, Peter Brian150
8483479Heineman, Ate & Colleen Lynne100
9140091Ika Toa Limited15 065
8481311Kiely, M.400
8481449Low, Bryon Robert200
8471464Lyttelton Trawling Co. Limited7 000
8481576McCutcheon, Graeme Victor400
8870106McDonald, A.C. & K.J.150
8481684Mitchell, B.J. & R.D.700
9340021Mokau ki Turakirae Fisheries Limited30 980
8491719Mountfort Fishing Company Limited250
9270012Ngai Tahu Pacific Limited787 713
9570012Ngati Mutunga o Wharekauri Inc.37 641
8471824Ocean Fisheries Limited1 000
9080001Odey Fishing Company Limited1 500
8860084Pacifica Fishing being Skeggs, C.G., B., & B.J.800
9080002Pacifica Fishing (Dunedin) Limited300
8471897Pegasus Bay Fishing Co Limited10 000
8483445Pioneer Fisheries Co Limited176 000
8472072Rodokal, Stavros George250
9470032Rongomai Nominees Limited150 565
9330066Ruakura Moana Fisheries Limited230 316
8480726Sanford South Island Limited4 044 774
8650062Seafresh Fisheries (NZ) Limited8 000
8462165Sealord Products Limited4 500 626
8472269South Island Deepwater Fisheries Limited17 000
9060092South Pacific Fishing Company Limited800
9080009Southern Ocean Trawlers Limited105 000
8790011Southland Fish Processors Co-Op150 000
8470000Staunton Investments Limited1 672 700
8472325Summerton, Gregory Mark400
9170023Takaroa Fisheries Limited6 000
9040091Te Runanga o Turanganui A Kiwa62 368
8940117Te Runanga o Wharekauri Rekohu Inc.112 924
9040057Te Runanganui o Taranaki Whanui ki te Upoko o Te Ika A Maui Inc.106 147
9340074Te Tai A Kupe Limited37 177
8472481United Fisheries Limited1 400 000
8640050Vela Fishing Limited700 000
9040052Whanganui River Maori Trust Board18 588
 Grand total18 000 000
 Competitive portion1 800 000

Dated at Wellington this 5th day of February 1996.

Doug Kidd,
Minister of Fisheries.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the notice, but is intended to indicate its general effect.

This notice, which comes into force on the day after the date of its notification in the Gazette, revokes and replaces the Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota Allocation) Notice 1995.

The notice re-allocates to individual fishers part of the quota that under the previous notice was allocated to Athlone Enterprises Limited, leaving the remaining part of that quota as a competitive portion available to all fishers.

Issued under the authority of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989.

Date of notification in Gazette: 8 February 1996.


  • 1General

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  • 5List of amendments incorporated in this reprint (most recent first)

1 General
  • This is a reprint of the Fisheries (1995–96 Jack Mackerel Quota Allocation) Notice 1996. The reprint incorporates all the amendments to the notice as at 9 February 1996, as specified in the list of amendments at the end of these notes.

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2 Status of reprints
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3 How reprints are prepared
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4 Changes made under section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989
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5 List of amendments incorporated in this reprint (most recent first)