Water Conservation (Mataura River) Order 1997

2 Interpretation
  • In this order, unless the context otherwise requires,—

    authorised inflows means discharges of water or water containing waste into protected waters pursuant to a discharge permit

    protected waters means—

    • (a) the Mataura River from its source (approximate map reference NZMS 260 E42:502333) to its confluence with the sea (approximate map reference NZMS 260 F47:877946); and

    • (b) the Waikaia River and its tributaries, the Otamita Stream, and all other tributaries of the Mataura River upstream of its confluence with the Otamita Stream (approximate map reference NZMS 260 F45:881582); and

    • (c) the Mimihau Stream and the Mokoreta River and each of their tributaries.