Gas (Information Disclosure) Regulations 1997

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Reprint as at 1 July 2001

Gas (Information Disclosure) Regulations 1997

(SR 1997/127)

Michael Hardie Boys, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 7th day of July 1997

His Excellency the Governor-General in Council


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

These regulations are administered by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Pursuant to section 55 of the Gas Act 1992, His Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, makes the following regulations.


1 Title and commencement

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

2 Interpretation

3 Prescribed business relationships

4 Prescribed terms and conditions

5 Application

Part 2
Disclosure requirements

Financial statement disclosure by pipeline owners

6 Disclosure of financial statements

7 Further provisions relating to disclosure of financial statements

Prescribed agreement disclosure by pipeline owners

8 Prescribed agreements for certain purposes

9 Disclosure of prescribed agreements

10 Disclosure of modifications to prescribed agreements

11 Corporation to disclose additional information about wholesaling activities

12 Corporation to disclose additional information about certain agreements

13 Further provision relating to disclosure of prescribed agreements by Corporation

14 Pipeline owners (other than Corporation) to disclose additional information about certain agreements

Disclosure of performance measures and statistics by pipeline owners

15 Disclosure of financial and efficiency performance measures

16 Further provisions relating to disclosure of financial and efficiency performance measures

17 Disclosure of energy delivery efficiency performance measures and statistics

18 Disclosure of reliability performance measures

19 Use of estimated information in certain cases

Further disclosure by pipeline owners

20 Disclosure of pricing methodologies

21 Disclosure of methodologies for allocation of costs, revenues, etc

22 Disclosure of information about transactions between persons in prescribed business relationships

23 Pipeline capacity disclosure

Disclosure of line charges

24 Application of line charge disclosure

25 Disclosure of line charges

26 Disclosure of increased or decreased line charges

27 Further provisions relating to disclosure of line charges

Part 3
Miscellaneous provisions


28 General exemptions

29 Exemptions in respect of Maui Development Limited

30 Exemptions in respect of specific pipeline owners


31 Information required to be certified by auditor

32 Certificates

Miscellaneous provisions

33 Effect of mergers, takeovers, etc

34 Disclosure of information in same or overlapping financial years

35 Retention of information

36 Time limit when information requested

37 Statutory declarations

Schedule 1
Performance measures and other information

Schedule 2
Exemptions in respect of specific pipeline owners

Schedule 3

Gazette information

Reprint notes