Tariff (Concessions) Amendment Order 1998


Tariff (Concessions) Amendment Order 1998


This order is administered in the Ministry of Commerce.

PURSUANT to section 9 of the Tariff Act 1988, His Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, makes the following order.

1 Title and commencement
  • (1) This order may be cited as the Tariff (Concessions) Amendment Order 1998.

    (2) This order comes into force on the 28th day after the date of its notification in the Gazette.

2 Amendment of concessions
  • Part 2 of the Tariff (as substituted by clause 2 of the Tariff (Concessions) Amendment Order 1996) is amended by revoking reference numbers 81 and 82 and the descriptions of the classes of goods and rates of duty specified for those reference numbers, and substituting the reference numbers, descriptions of classes of goods, and rates of duty set out in the Schedule.

New concessions substituted

  Rates of Duty
Concession Reference NumberClass of GoodsNormal TariffPreferential Tariff
81Personal baggage and effects accompanying a passenger through Customs arrival processes, being dutiable goods, but not being—  
 (i) Passengers' baggage and effects falling within the descriptions and criteria contained in concession reference number 80 of this Part: or  
 (ii) Goods falling within Chapter 24 of Part 1 of the Tariff (tobacco products); or  
 (iii) Goods falling within Tariff headings 2203 to 2208 inclusive of Part 1 of the Tariff (alcoholic beverages); or  
 (iv) Goods carried on behalf of any other person or persons; or  
 (v) Goods for sale or exchange; or  
 (vi) Goods for use in the passenger's business or profession;—  
 to the extent that the goods—  
 (a) Do not exceed $700 in total valueFree. .
 (b) Exceed $700 in total value, on the excess over $700The rates of duty applicable to the goods as set out in Part 1 of the Tariff.
82The following goods (not being goods carried on behalf of any other person or persons and not being goods for sale or exchange) that are the personal property of a passenger, or a member of the crew of a ship or aircraft, who is 17 years of age or over, and that accompany that person through Customs arrival processes:  
 a) Either 200 cigarettes, or 250 grams of tobacco, or 50 cigars, or a mixture of cigarettes, tobacco, or cigars that weighs more than 250 gramsFree. .
 (b) Either 4.5 litres of wine, or 1.5 litres of beerFree. .
 (c) One bottle, or other container, containing not more than 1,125 millilitres of alcoholic spirits, liqueurs, or other spirituous beveragesFree. .


Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the order, but is intended to indicate its general effect.

This order revokes concession reference numbers 81 and 82 in Part 2 of the Tariff, and substitutes new concessions. The new concession 82 makes the duty free allowance for tobacco and alcohol explicitly available to crew members of ships and aircraft. Both new concessions 81 and 82 now have wording that recognises inward duty free shopping at airports.

Issued under the authority of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989.

Date of notification in Gazette: 9 July 1998.