Radiocommunications Regulations 2001

44C Obligation to repay discount in certain circumstances


The holder of an eligible licence who has made an election under regulation 44B(1)(a) must pay the chief executive, on demand, the amount calculated under subclause (2) if either or both of the following apply:


the holder does not give the chief executive an interference report when making a complaint of harmful interference:


the holder cancels the election given under regulation 44B(1)(a).


The amount payable is the total of the amounts calculated in respect of each eligible licence using the following formula:

This graphic contains a formula



is the most recent discount that the holder has received for that particular eligible licence under regulation 44B(3)(b)


is the number of days from either of the following dates until the next annual administration fee is due for that eligible licence:


if subclause (1)(a) applies, the date a complaint of harmful interference is made without an interference report:


if subclause (1)(b) applies, the date the cancellation is given to the chief executive.


If either of the circumstances described in subclause (1) apply to a holder of the eligible licences, the holder may not make another election under regulation 44B(1)(a) until the next anniversary of the holder’s election.

Regulation 44C: inserted, on 1 February 2008, by regulation 11 of the Radiocommunications Amendment Regulations 2007 (SR 2007/366).