Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Amendment Regulations 2002


Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Amendment Regulations 2002


These regulations are administered in the Ministry for the Environment.

Pursuant to section 360(1)(ha), (hf), and (hg) of the Resource Management Act 1991, Her Excellency the Administrator of the Government, acting on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council, makes the following regulations.

1 Title
2 Commencement
  • These regulations come into force on 1 July 2002.

3 Interpretation
  • (1) Regulation 2(1) of the principal regulations is amended by inserting, in their appropriate alphabetical order, the following definitions:

    Grade A treated sewage means sewage discharged from a treatment system included in Schedule 5 or Schedule 6 that is maintained and operated in good working order and in accordance with any instructions of the system's manufacturer

    Grade B treated sewage means sewage discharged from a treatment system included in Schedule 7 that is maintained and operated in good working order and in accordance with any instructions of the system's manufacturer

    plastics includes synthetic ropes, synthetic fishing nets, plastic garbage bags, and incinerator ashes from plastic products that may contain toxic or heavy metal residues.

    (2) Regulation 2(1) of the principal regulations is amended by revoking the definition of treated sewage.

4 Dumping of waste or other matter
  • Regulation 4(2) of the principal regulations is amended by inserting, after the words other matter, the words from any ship, aircraft, or offshore installation.

5 Discharge of sewage in coastal marine area
  • (1) Regulation 11(2) of the principal regulations is amended by adding the word ; and and also by adding the following paragraphs:

    • (d) more than 200 metres (0.108 nautical miles) from a marine reserve, except the marine reserve constituted by the Marine Reserve (Kermadec Islands) Order 1990; and

    • (e) more than 500 metres (0.27 nautical miles) from an area that the Minister of Fisheries has declared by notice in the Gazette to be a mataitai reserve under regulations made under section 186 of the Fisheries Act 1996.

    (2) Regulation 11(3)(a) of the principal regulations is amended by inserting, after the words parts of a region, the words , or increases the distances from a marine farm, marine reserve, or mataitai reserve specified in subclause (2),.

6 New regulations 12 and 12A substituted
  • The principal regulations are amended by omitting regulation 12, and substituting the following regulations:

    12 Discharge of Grade A treated sewage in coastal marine area
    • (1) Any person may discharge Grade A treated sewage in the coastal marine area from a ship or offshore installation, but must not discharge it within 100 metres of a marine farm.

      (2) Despite subclause (1), a rule may be included in a regional coastal plan or a proposed regional coastal plan if the rule—

      • (a) relates to discharges of Grade A treated sewage in the internal waters of Fiordland (as defined in section 4 of the Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone, and Exclusive Economic Zone Act 1977); and

      • (b) restricts where those discharges may take place, being a distance of at least 100 metres from a marine farm; and

      • (c) does not relate to vessels operated by the New Zealand Defence Force.

      (3) For the purposes of subclause (2), Fiordland means the coastal marine area between Awarua Point and Sandhill Point.

    12A Discharge of Grade B treated sewage in coastal marine area
    • (1) Any person may discharge Grade B treated sewage in the coastal marine area from a ship or offshore installation, but must not discharge it—

      • (a) within 500 metres (0.27 nautical miles) of a marine farm; or

      • (b) within 500 metres (0.27 nautical miles) of an area that the Minister of Fisheries has declared by notice in the Gazette to be a mataitai reserve under regulations made under section 186 of the Fisheries Act 1996.

      (2) A rule may only be included in a regional coastal plan or a proposed regional coastal plan relating to discharges under this regulation if the rule does either or both of the following:

      • (a) specifies the distances from mean high-water springs or the depth where those discharges may take place for all or any part of the year, being distances of at least 500 metres (0.27 nautical miles) from—

        • (i) a marine farm; or

        • (ii) a mataitai reserve:

      • (b) increases the distance from a marine farm or a mataitai reserve where those discharges may take place for all or any part of the year, being at a distance of more than 500 metres (0.27 nautical miles).

7 New Schedules 5 to 7 added to principal regulations
  • The principal regulations are amended by adding the following schedules:

    • (a) Schedule 5, which is set out in Schedule 1; and

    • (b) Schedule 6, which is set out in Schedule 2; and

    • (c) Schedule 7, which is set out in Schedule 3.

Schedule 1
New Schedule 5 added to principal regulations

r 7(a)

Schedule 5
Grade A sewage treatment systems

r 3(1)

(Approved in accordance with International Maritime Organisation resolution MEPC.2(VI))
Manufacturing countriesManufactured byType and modelDesigned hydraulic loading (m³/day)Designed organic loading (kg/day)
1 Brazil1 Tridente Ind. E. Commercio de Equipamentos Navais Ltda. 20090 Rio de JaneiroSuper Trident  
  ST 21.61.2
  ST 43.012.4
  ST 64.553.6
  ST 86.04.8
  Retrofit Trident  
 2 SEMCO SA Sao PauloSuper Trident  
  ST 21.61.2
  ST 43.012.4
  ST 64.553.6
  ST 86.04.8
  Retrofit Trident  
2 Bulgaria1 MICHAILOV MV CO. BourgasTYPE 4341.51.8
3 China1 Shanghai Marine Instrument and Equipment Works, 200 Minseng Rd, ShanghaiCSWA-32.40.72
 2 Taixing Ship's Machinery Works Taixing, JiangsuWCX-3639.61.26
 3 Zhangjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Factory Zhangjiang, JiangsuWCB-40Z3.081.54
 4 Luzhou Machinery Works Nanjing, JiangsuST10.850.6
4 Croatia1 Ekolo§ki sistemi d.o.o., 47000 Karlovac, Mala §var a, 155BRODOPUR453.152.70
  BRODOPUR BP-251.61.38
  BRODOPUR BP-453.152.70
 2 tvornica Turbina d.o.o., Kneza Branimira 8 4700 KarlovacBRODOPUR BP-251.61.38
5 Denmark1 Atlas A/S Baltorpvej 154 DK 2750 Ballerup CopenhagenAWWU36.0
6 Germany1 VEB Abwasserbehandlungsan-Lagen MerseburgKA-MR 1.5 S 50C1.75:5.01.14:3.25
  KA-MR 1.5 S 50B1.5:4.250.98:2.76
 2 Wasserbehand-lung Merseburg GmbH Amtshluser 23-29 4200 MerseburgKA-MR 1.5 S 50-1/E2.01.3
 3 KG Hamman Wassertechnik GmbH P.O. Box 21 31 2105 Hamburg Seevetal 2HL-Cont108.0816.0
  HLrCont 1 m'h24.018.0
  HL-Cont 7168.0126.0
  HL-Cont C-4596.072.0
 4 Format-Chemie und Apparate GmbH 2086 EllerauMSTP 16.03.0
  MSTP 16.63.3
  MSTP 1A3.31.65
  MSTP 1B4.52.25
  MSTP 212.06.0
  MSTP 318.09.0
  MSTP 422.511.25
  MSTP 533.016.5
  MSTP 648.024.0
  MSTP 769.034.5
  MSTP 8150.075.0
  MSTP 9300.0150.0
 5 Format-Chemie GmbH P.O. Box 1263 25476 EllerauMSTP 1A1.260.48
  MSTP 1B2.100.81
  MSTP 12.500.95
  MSTP 23.851.49
  MSTP 35.252.03
  MSTP 46.652.57
  MSTP 59.803.80
  MSTP 614.005.40
  MSTP 721.008.10
  MSTP 845.5017.60
  MSTP 991.0035.10
 6 Apparatebau Salzkotten GmbH Ferdinand-Henze-Strasse 9 33154 SalzkottenBio-Compact KSA-S-101.750.8
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-152.6251.2
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-203.51.6
  Bio-Compact KSA-S 254.3752.0
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-356.1253.060
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-508.754.375
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-10017.58.0
  Bio-Compact KSA-S 20035.015.0
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-30052.521.45
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-600105.036.0
  Bio-Compact KSA-S-800140.048.0
 7 Aquachemindustrielle Wasserbehand-lungs-GmbH, 14-16 5000 KölnBIO AQUA Aerob 356.1252.6
  BIO AQUA Aerob 459.6256.875
  BIO AQUA Aerob 557.8753.4
  BIO AQUA Aerob3.152.7
  BIO AQUA Aerob 25/506.1255.25
  BIO AQUA Aerob 35/709.6258.25
  BIO AQUA Aerob 55/11012.623.6
  Bio AQUA Aerob 150/30013.12539.375
  Bio AQUA Aerob 75/15013.12539.375
  Bio AQUA Aerob 100/20017.552.5
  Bio AQUA Aerob 140/28024.573.5
  Bio AQUA Aerob 240/48045.0135.0
 8 Paul Pleiger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, D-5810 Witten 3BIOMAT  
  BS 102.20.8
  BS 153.31.17
  BS 204.41.5
  BS 255.51.75
 9 Willi Becker Ingenieurburo GmbH HamburgHELI-FLOW BF 5M0.380.3
  HELI-FLOW HF 1OM0.760.6
  HELI-FLOW BF 13M0.980.78
  HELI-FLOW MY 19M1.421.14
  HELI-FLOW BF 26M1.971.56
  HELI-FLOW BF 32M2.421.92
  HELI-FLOW BF 41 M3.102.46
  HELI-FLOW HF 58M4.393.48
  HELI-FLOW BF 71 M5.384.26
  HELI-FLOW HF 84M6.365.04
 10 Aqua Mar GmbH Rothenbacher Weg 4a 5064 Rosrath 1Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP I2.621.25
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP II5.752.47
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP III7.8753.38
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP IV12.255.25
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP V26.511.25
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP VI44.019.5
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP VII70.021.0
  Aqua Mar Bio, Unit MSP VIII105.032.0
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP IX142.047.6
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP X172.075.0
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP 254.381.875
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP 6010.54.5
  Aqua Mar Bio Unit MSP 8013.125.63
 11 Aqua chem-industrielle Abwasserbehand- lung-GmbH Quellenweg 13 5060 Bergisch- Gladbach 1Bio Aqua Aerob 45/907.81523.625
  Bio Aqua Aerob 122.10.89
  Bio Aqua Aerob 12/242.11.8
  Bio Aqua Aerob 25/504.37513.125
  Bio Aqua Aerob 35/706.12518.375
  Bio Aqua Aerob 45/907.87523.625
  Bio Aqua Aerob 55/1109.62528.875
 12 Citex Maschinen- Apparatebau Gastechnik GmbH 2000 Hamburg 71CEAK 35/5012.0600.0
 13 Schiffsanlagenbau Barth GmbH, Chausseestr, 5B 0-2380 BarthMSA 2.51.75-3.51.1-2.3
  MSA 53.5-6.752.3-4.4
  MSA 106.75-13.54.4-8.8
  MSA 1513.5-20.258.8-13.2
  MSA 2.5 CL1.75-3.51.1-2.3
  MSA 5CL3.5-6.752.3-4.4
 14 VEB Kombinat Schiflibau RostockKAREA2525.012.5
 15 Aquamar GmbH Zum Alten Wasserwerk 6 D-51491 OverathBio unit MSP III7.8753.38
  Bio unit MSP 12.621.125
  Bio unit MSP 254.381.875
  Bio unit MSP II5.752.47
  Bio unit MSP 6010.54.5
  Bio unit MSP IV12.255.15
  Bio unit MSP 8013.125.63
 16 Hamann Wassertechnik GmbH P.O.B2201 D-21202 SeevetalBasis-Frame24.018.0
  Compact-Mini Big-Tank36.027.0
  HL-Cont Super Mini2.521.89
  HL-Cont (1 m³/h) Compact-Mini24.018.0
  HL-Cont. (96 m³/d)96.072.0
  HL-Cont. (168 m³/d)168.0126.0
  HL-Cont. (360 m³/d)360.0270.0
  HL-Cont. (720 m³/d)720.0540.0
  HL-Cont. (1080 m³/d)1080.0810.0
 17 Triton-Format GmbH Wemer-von-Siemen-Str. 2 25479 EllerauMSTP IA1.260.48
  MSTP 1B2.10.81
  MSTP 12.50.95
  MSTP 23.851.49
  MSTP 35.252.03
  MSTP 46.652.57
  MSTP 59.83.8
  MSTP 614.05.4
  MSTP 721.08.1
  MSTP 845.517.6
  MSTP 991.035.1
  MSTP 10-1500V37.540.5
  MSTP 11-1800V45.048.6
 18 MARTIN SYSTEMS AG Bettelhecker Str.25 96515 SonnebergSTKS 6516.255.85
  STKS 255.502.30
  STKS 11016.809.92
  STKS 25035.0022.50
  STKS 30042.5025.50
  BMA 152.401.35
 19 UTS Maschinen-und Ausrilstungs- bau GmbH Friedrich-Engels- Str. 23-25 96515 SonnebergSTKS 255.502.30
  STKS 6516.255.85
 20 DVZ-Services GmbH Waldstrasse 23 D-28844 WeyheDVZ-MSD II/100.850.95
  DVZ-MSD II/201.731.90
  DVZ-MSD II/302.592.85
  DVZ-MSD II/403.463.80
  DVZ-MSD II/504.324.75
  DVZ-MSD II/605.185.70
  DVZ-MSD II/706.046.65
  DVZ-MSD II/806.917.60
  DVZ-MSD II/1008.649.50
  DVZ-MSD II/12010.3611.40
  DVZ-MSD II/14012.0813.30
  DVZ-MSD II/16013.8215.20
  DVZ-MSD II/18015.5417.10
  DVZ-MSD II/20017.2819.00
  DVZ-MSD II/24020.7222.80
  DVZ-MSD II/30022.46424.71
  DVZ-SKA 10 Biomaster1.851.29
  DVZ-SKA 20 Biomaster3.702.58
  DVZ-SKA 30 Biomaster5.503.86
  DVZ-SKA 40 Biomaster7.405.15
  DVZ-SKA 50 Biomaster9.206.40
  DVZ-SKA 70 Biomaster12.956.48
 21 VA TECH WABAG ESMIL GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str.4a 40878 RatingenMEMROD LT 101.80.9
  MEMROD LT 253.752.25
  MEMROD LT 23034.520.7
 22 Rochem UF-Systeme GmbH Stadtshausbrücke 1-3 Fleethof 20355 HamburgBio-Filt ® 03/0624.010.0
  Bio-Filt ® 16/18 TWIN150.0230.0
 23 MARTIN SYSTEMS AG Ackerstrasse 40 D-96515 SonnebergBMA 255.02.25
  BMA 152.41.35
 24 RWO Abwassertechnik GmbH Leerkämpe 3 D-28259 BremenWWT3 BIOPUR4.632.174
  WWT4 BIOPUR6.483.04
  WWT1 BIOPUR1.760.83
  WWT2 BIOPUR2.591.22
  WWT5 BIOPUR9.814.61
7 Finland1 Aquamaster- Rauma Oy P Box 220 SF-26101 RaumaUNEX BIO-201.40.7
  UNEX BIO-402.81.4
  UNEX BIO-604.22.1
  UNEX BIO-805.62.8
  UNEX BIO-1007.03.5
  UNEX BIO-20014.07.0
  UNEX BIO-60042.021.0
  UNEX BIO-80056.028.0
  UNEX Cem  
8 Greece1 Environmental Protection Engineering Ltd 88 Iroon Polytechniou Str. 18536 PiraeusTRITON 1961.960.85
  TRITON 190019.008.34
  TRITON 4084.081.77
  TRITON 1000104.34
  TRITON 40004017.35
9 Italy1 Pollution Control Engineering Sr. l, Trattacnento Acque Via Dei Mille 99, La SpeziaBIODISK FVN 252.5(less than the standards)
  BIODISK FVN 304.0 
  BIODISK FVN 506.0 
  BIODISK FVN 608.0 
  BIODISK FVN 10015.0 
  BIODISK FVN 20030.0 
  BIODISK FVN 30045.0 
 2 I.S.L.R. Sas di Antonelli & C 16165 Genova StruppaBIOEPURO-B/505.0 
10 Japan1 Sasakura Engineering Co. Ltd Osaka 500Super Trident ST21.61.2
  Super Trident ST43.012.4
  Super Trident ST64.553.66
  Super Trident ST86.04.8
  Super Trident ST107.46.0
  Super Trident ST1511.09.0
  Super Trident ST2014.512.0
  Super Trident ST2517.515.0
  Super Trident ST3023.118.0
  Super Trident ST2A1.61.2
  Super Trident ST3A2.311.8
  Super Trident ST4A3.012.4
  Super Trident ST6A4.553.6
  Super Trident ST2N1.61.2
  Super Trident ST4N3.012.4
  Super Trident ST6N4.553.6
  Super Trident STBN6.04.8
  Super Trident ST10N7.46.0
  Super Trident STI 5N11.09.0
  Super Trident ST20N14.512.0
  Super Trident ST25N17.515.0
  Super Trident ST30N23.118.0
  Retro-fit Trident RT 201.61.2
  Retro-fit Trident RT 403.012.4
  Retro-fit Trident RT 604.553.6
  Retro-fit Trident RT 806.04.8
 2 Nissin Refrigeration and Engineering Ltd OsakaMarine Defecamat NST-201.20.27
  Marine Defecamat NST-301.80.405
  Marine Defecamat NST-402.40.54
  Marine Defecamat NST-20H1.20.27
  Marine Defecamat NST-25H1.50.338
  Marine Defecamat NST-30H1.80.405
  Marine Defecamat NST-40H2.40.54
 3 Taiko Kikai Industries Co. Ltd 209 Shimotabuse Tabuse-cho Kamage-Gun Yamaguchi-Pref Japan 742-15TAIKO SHIPCLEAN BFT 402.40.54
  AP-2 SHIPCLEAN1.20.27
  AP-3 SHIPCLEAN1.80.405
  AP-4 SHIPCLEAN2.40.54
  AP-5 SHIPCLEAN3.00.675
  AP-6 SHIPCLEAN4.51.0125
  AP-7 SHIPCLEAN6.01.35
 4 Goko Seisakusho Co. Ltd. 27-3, 5-chome Shimbashi Minato-ku TokyoAEROBICT C TF 200.70.27
  AEROBICT TF 250.337
  AEROBICT C TF 400.6752.1 
  AEROBICT TF 500.5400.81
  AEROBICT TF 401.620.54
 5 Nippon Kokan, YokohamaNKK-25 D II1.50.337
 6 Japan Development Consultants Inc. 1 Tatagami-cho Sasebo-City NagasakiCLEAN FRIEND BFM-352.13 
11 Netherlands1 Holland Marine Services Amsterdam b.v Vlothavenweg 16, 1013 BJ Amsterdam, The NetherlandsMSD-11 Series4.01.1
12 Poland1 Pomorskie Zaklady Urzadzen Okretowych WARMA 86-300 Grudziadz Ul. Lotnicza 21LK-30A1.951.36
 2 Centrum Techniki Morskie; OBR Gdansk, UI J. Matejki 6TELKA 036.04.5
 3 Stocznia Szezecinska Im. Adolfa Warskiego SzczecinB 430-71.30.9
 4 Zaklady Doswiadczalno- Produkcyjnych TECHMOR ul. Marynarki Polskiej 59, GdanskTELKA 0612.09.0
13 Republic of Korea1 Consolidated Machinery Inc. Yang SanBIO AQUA 356.1252.6
  BIO AQUA 254.3751.86
  BIO AQUA 183.151.34
  BIO AQUA 559.6254.125
  BIO AQUA 457.8753.4
 2 HanDOk Precision Ind; Kangseo-Gu SeoulHDST — 1500.9 
  HDST — 2501.5 
  HDST — 4002.4 
  HDST — 6503.9 
 3 Chang Won Environment Ind. Co. Ltd Kim hai Kyung Nam-DoSEACLEAN II-lOCE0.3 
 4 Changkwang Engineering Co., Ltd Youngdeungpo-Ga, SeoulHDST-1500.9 
14 Russian Federation1 Sudoimport Moskva Smolenskaia-Sennaia pl 32/34EOS-1515.06.0
 2 EKOS Ltd Barrikadnaija st. 36, fl. 8 St. PetersburgSTOK-IOMI10.05.0
 3 Krasnoputilovskai St 55-6 198152 St. PetersburgSTOK-30M30.015.0
15 Spain1 DETEGASA Ctra. Castro-Meiras 15550 Valdovino La CorunaPHYSICAL- CHEMICAL  
  DELTA FQ-66.03.3
  DELTA FQ-1010.05.5
  DELTA FQ-1515.248.3
  DELTA FQ-2222.012.1
  DELTA FQ-2424.013.2
  DELTA FQ-2828.015.4
  DELTA FQ-3030.316.6
  DELTA FQ-3636.019.8
  DELTA FQ-4040.022.0
  DELTA FQ-5050.027.5
  DELTA FQ-8888.548.6
  DELTA FQ-105105.057.5
  DELTA FQ-125125.068.8
  DELTA PR-0360.360.19
  DELTA PR-0690.690.38
  DELTA PR-1381.380.75
  DELTA PR-2002.01.10
  DELTA PR-2602.61.43
  DELTA PR-4004.02.2
  DELTA PR-5405.42.97
  DELTA PR-6706.703.68
  DELTA PR-8708.704.78
  DELTA PR-100010.05.50
  DELTA PR-131013.17.20
  DELTA PR-159015.98.74
  DELTA PR-211021.1011.60
  DELTA PR-260026.014.30
  DELTA PR-348034.8019.14
  DELTA PR-439243.9224.15
16 Sweden1 Consilium Marine, Stockholm Sweden S-17122 SolnaNEPTUMATIC MOC-1212.06.2
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-2020.010.3
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-2828.014.4
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-28R21.010.6
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-7575.030.0
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-75 Compart75.030.0
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-100100.040.0
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-125 -125.050.0
  NEPTUMATIC MOC-130130.052.0
  NEPTUMATIC MOD 130130.052.0
17 United Kingdom1 Hamworthy Engineering Ltd, Pump and Compressor Division Fleets Corner Poole, Dorset BH17 7LARetro-fit Trident RT 806.04.8
  Retro-fit Trident RT 604.553.6
  Retro-fit Trident RT 403.012.4
  Retro-fit Trident RT 201.61.2
  Super Trident ST 6046.236.0
  Super Trident ST 5030.036.75
  Super Trident ST 4024.028.0
  Super Trident ST 40X28.024.0
  Super Trident ST 3023.118.0
  Super Trident ST 25X17.515.0
  Super Trident ST 2517.515.0
  Super Trident ST 2014.512.0
  Super Trident ST 1511.09.0
  Super Trident ST 139.67.8
  Super Trident ST 107.46.0
  Super Trident STS6.04.8
  Super Trident ST 64.553.6
  Super Trident ST 43.012.4
  Super Trident ST 32.11.8
  Super Trident ST 21.61.2
  Super Trident ST i0.80.6
  Super Trident ST O0.450.32
  Super Trident ST 60S46.236.0
  Trident T 100.680.6
  Trident T 201.361.2
  Trident T 302.041.8
  Trident T 402.732.4
  Trident T 503.413.0
  Trident T O4.093.6
  Trident T 755.114.5
  Trident T 100 Super Trident6.816.0
  ST 3A2.311.8
 2 Marine Ventures Ltd Marven House, 1 Field Road, Reading RG1 6AP EnglandSEACARE 101.00.6
  SEACARE 404.02.4
  SEACARE 20020.012.0
 3 Elsan Marine International Ltd Sandwich KentSTOUR LC 50.180.3
  STOUR LC 100.360.6
  STOUR LC 200.7212.0
  STOUR LC 351.262.1
  STOUR LC 602.163.6
  STOUR LC 10036.00.0
18 United States1 Exstar International Corp., 6502 Windmill Way, Wilmington,North Carolina 28405MARLAND SANI-SYSTEM:  
  SS-645 Type II17.413.5
  SS-630 Type II11.369.0
  SS-615 Type II5.114.05
  SS-600 Type II2.842.25
  SS 40  
  SS 60  
  SS 6002.842.25
  SS 6155.114.05
  M 8  
 2 Microphor Inc. Willits CaliforniaM 10  
  M 12  
  M 14  
  M 400.0760.24
  M 500.0950.3
  M 1500.2840.9
  M 2000.3791.2
  M 3000.5681.8
  M 5000.9463.0
  M 6001.1363.6
  M 8001.5144.8
  M 10001.8936.0
  MC 500.4730.3
  MC 1000.9460.6
  MC 1501.4190.9
  MC 2001.8931.2
  MC 3002.8391.8
  MC 5004.7313.0
  MC 6005.6783.6
  MC 8007.574.8
  MC 10009.4636.0
 3 St. Louis Ship. 611 East Marceau Street St. Louis Missouri 63111FAST LS-10.570.17
  FAST LS-20.910.27
  FAST 6m1.020.31
  FAST LS-31.360.41
  FAST 9M1.590.48
  FAST 13M2.390.71
  FAST 12D2.610.78
  FAST 18M3.180.95
  FAST 18D3.861.15
  FAST 26M4.771.43
  FAST 25D5.681.70
  FAST 40D8.412.51
  FAST 50D10.703.19
  FAST D6  
  FAST D8  
 4 FAST Systems, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri 63110FAST DI, DIM3.52 
  FAST D2, D2M5.22 
  FAST D3, D3M7.72 
  FAST D4, D4M11.35 
  FAST D5, DSM14.42 
  FAST D6, D6M19.98 
  FAST D7, D7M29.97 
  FAST D8, D8M46.89 
  FAST D9, D9M67.67 
  FAST M11.13 
  FAST M21.70 
  FAST M32.49 
  FAST M43.29 
  FAST MS4.88 
 5 Sigma Treatment Systems Inc., 2 Davis Ave Frazer Pennsylvania 19355 USA (Manor Welding and Fabrication Co. Ltd, 4-5 Wainman Rd., Woodston Peterborough PE2 OBU England)BIO-STS 5001.891.67
  BIO-STS 15005.685.0
  BIO-STS 10003.793.33
 6 Houston Systems Manufacturing Co. New Iberia, LAHELI-FLOW HF 5M0.380.3
  HELI-FLOW BF 10M0.760.6
  HELI-FLOW BF 13M0.980.78
  HELI-FLOW HF 19M1.421.14
  HELI-FLOW HT 26M1.971.56
  HELI-FLOW HF 32M2.421.92
  HELI-FLOW HF 41 M3.12.46
  HELI-FLOW HF 58M4.393.48
  HELI-FLOW HF 71 M5.384.26
  HELI-FLOW HF 84M6.365.04
  HELI-FLOW HF 104M7.876.24
  HELI-FLOW HF 130M9.847.8
  HELI-FLOW HF 156M11.819.36
  HELI-FLOW HF 175M13.2410.5
  HELI-FLOW HF 188M14.2311.28
  HELI-FLOW HF 208M15.7512.48
  HELI-FLOW HF 234M17.7214.04
  HELI-FLOW HF 292M22.1117.52
  HELI-FLOW HF 325M24.6119.5
  HELI-FLOW HF 357M27.0321.42
  HELM-FLOW HF 390M29.5323.4
  HELI-FLOW HF 455M34.4527.3
 7 Red Fox Industries Inc. New Iberia LARF-100-M0.380.3
   (Little Fox) 
  PAC FP 500.190.3
  PAC FP 2000.760.6
  PAC FP 5001.891.5
  PAC FP 7502.842.25
  PAC FP 10003.793
  PAC FP 15005.684.5
  PAC FP 20007.576
  PAC FP 25009.47.5
 8 Effluent Technology Corporation 402 Tacoma Ave. S P.O. Box 2094 Tacoma WA 98401ORCA MK 2/121.361.44
  ORCA MK 2/242.732.88
  ORCA MK 2/364.094.32
 9 KIMCO Inc. P.O. Box 1551 Houston, TX 77251HF 2M
  HF SM0.380.3
  HF lOM0.760.6
  HF 13M0.980.78
  HF 19M1.421.14
  HF 26M1.971.56
  HF 32M2.421.92
  HF 41M3.102.46
  HF 58M4.393.48
  HF 71M5.384.26
  HF 84M6.365.04
  HF 104M7.876.24
  HF 130M9.847.8
  HF 156M11.819.36
  HF 175M13.2410.5
  HF 188M14.2311.28
  HF 208M15.7512.48
  HF 234M17.7214.04
  HF 292M22.1117.52
  HF 325M24.6119.5
  HF 357M27.0321.42
  HF 390M29.5323.4
  HF 455M34.4527.3
 10 OMNIPURE WASTEWATER TREATMENT 8623 Windswept Houston, TexasOMNIPURE 4M1.480.78
  OMNIPURE 6M2.961.62
  OMNIPURE 8M6.8153.6
  OMNIPURE 12M13.637.2
  OMNIPURE 12MX28.3915.0
 11 EES Corporation 12850 Bournewood Drive, Sugarland, Texas 77478OMNIPURE I SMX56.0030.0
 12 Envirovac Inc. 1260 Turret Drive Rockford IL 61111ORCA II-121.361.44
  ORCA IIA-121.361.44
  ORCA II-242.722.88
  ORCA IIA-242.722.88
  ORCA II-364.094.32
  ORCA IIA-364.094.32
  ORCA II-16018.1719.2
  ORCA II-16518.9319.8
  ORCA II-33037.4739.6
  ORCA II-36037.4739.6
  ORCA II-50056.8160.0
  ORCA IIA-121.361.44
  ORCA IIA-242.732.88
  ORCA IIA-364.094.32
 13 Exceltec International Corp. 1110 Industrial Drive Sugarland Texas 77478Omnipure 6MC3.01.62
  Omnipute 7MC4.52.4
  Omnipure 8MC7.03.6
  Omnipure 12MC14.07.2
  Omnipure 12MX28.015.0
  Omnipure 15MX56.030.0

Schedule 2
New Schedule 6 added to principal regulations

r 7(b)

Schedule 6
Grade A sewage treatment systems

r 3(1)

Any system that, when tested under International Maritime Organisation Resolution MEPC.2(VI), meets, or exceeds, the following standards:

  • (a) a faecal coliform standard where the geometric mean of the faecal coliform count does not exceed 250 faecal coliforms per 100 millilitres of water; and

  • (b) a suspended solids standard where the geometric mean of the total suspended solids content, when suspended solids are analysed by gravimetric methods, does not exceed—

    • (i) 50 milligrams per litre of water when analysed on shore; or

    • (ii) 100 milligrams per litre of water more than the suspended solids content of the ambient water used for flushing when analysed on board a ship; and

  • (c) a biochemical oxygen demand count where the geometric mean of 5-day biochemical oxygen demand of the samples of sewage does not exceed 50 milligrams per litre of water.

Schedule 3
New Schedule 7 added to principal regulations

r 7(c)

Schedule 7
Grade B sewage treatment systems

(Approved in accordance with the United States of America Environmental Protection Agency Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 33 USC 1322, Part 159 — Marine Sanitation Devices as Type 1)

Manufacturing countriesManufactured byType and modelApproximate designed hydraulic loading (m 3/day)
United StatesGalley Maid Marine Products, IncDelta Marine Head2.2
 PO Box 10417 Rivera Beach Florida 33404Central Waste Treatment System1.5
 Raritan Engineering Company, Inc 530 Orange Street PO Box 1157 Millville New Jersey 08332Lectra/San MC2.7
  Purasan PST2.2
 Sealand Technology, Inc Fourth Street PO Box 38 Big Prairie Ohio 4461Saanx One2.2

Marie Shroff,

Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the regulations, but is intended to indicate their general effect.

These regulations, which come into force on 1 July 2002, amend the Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Regulations 1998 to—

  • (a) introduce a new category of treated sewage (Grade B); and

  • (b) define the new Grade B treated sewage according to the treatment system from which it is discharged (a list of approved treatment systems is set out in Schedule 7); and

  • (c) define Grade A treated sewage (formerly called treated sewage) according to the discharge standard of the International Maritime Organisation (which is set out in Schedule 6) or the treatment system from which it is discharged (a list of approved treatment systems is set out in Schedule 5); and

  • (d) provide that Grade B treated sewage discharges—

    • (i) may not take place within 500 metres of a marine farm or from a gazetted mataitai area:

    • (ii) are subject to regional coastal plans of regional councils that restrict where discharges may occur; and

  • (e) introduce, for Grade A treated sewage, an ability for the Southland Regional Council to include rules in its regional coastal plan that restrict where discharges may take place in the internal waters of Fiordland (but these rules may not restrict where defence vessels may discharge); and

  • (f) provide that untreated sewage may not be discharged within 500 metres of a gazetted mataitai area or within 200 metres of a marine reserve (except for the Kermadec Islands Marine Reserve).

Issued under the authority of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989.

Date of notification in Gazette: 18 April 2002.

  • 1 SR 1998/208