Radiocommunications Amendment Regulations 2004

4 New regulation 22A inserted
  • The principal regulations are amended by inserting, after regulation 22, the following regulation:

    22A Chief executive may authorise persons to act on his or her behalf in relation to issue of certificates of competency
    • (1) The chief executive may, by notice in writing to a person, appoint the person to act on the chief executive's behalf in relation to the issue of certificates of competency under regulation 24 if the person is authorised to conduct examinations under regulation 28(3).

      (2) The appointment—

      • (a) may be made on any terms and conditions that the chief executive thinks fit; and

      • (b) may be revoked at will by notice in writing to the appointee.

      (3) No appointment in accordance with this regulation—

      • (a) affects or prevents the performance of any function or the exercise of any power by the chief executive; or

      • (b) affects the responsibility of the chief executive for the actions of any appointee acting under the appointment; or

      • (c) is affected by any change in the person holding office as the chief executive.