Radiocommunications Amendment Regulations 2004

9 Schedule 1 amended
  • Schedule 1 of the principal regulations is amended by revoking clause 8, and substituting the following clause:

    8 Callsigns
    • (1) If a radio licence requires the use of a callsign, the callsign of the person operating the radio transmitter in accordance with the radio licence must be—

      • (a) the callsign shown on the radio licence; or

      • (b) the callsign shown on the certificate of competency of the person who is operating the radio transmitter; or

      • (c) a temporary callsign that the operator is authorised to use in accordance with subclause (2).

      (2) The chief executive may, by notice in the Gazette, authorise a person or a class of persons to use a temporary callsign for the period, and in accordance with the terms and conditions, specified in the notice.