Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Amendment Regulations 2005


Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Amendment Regulations 2005


These regulations are administered in the Department of Labour.

Pursuant to section 324 of the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act 2001, Her Excellency the Governor-General, acting on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council, makes the following regulations.

1 Title
2 Commencement
  • These regulations come into force on 1 April 2005.

3 GST included
  • All amounts specified in these regulations are inclusive of goods and services tax.

4 Schedule amended
  • The schedule of the principal regulations is amended by omitting the item of the Schedule that relates to Dentists' costs, and substituting the following item:

    Dentists' costs  
    DE1Dental consultation, including examination61
    DE2Periodic oral examination/review31.9
    DE3Extended initial examination (complex cases relating to dental implants, orthodontics, and advanced restorative work)---including study models and photographs130
     Radiological examination and interpretation 
    DX1Periapical or bitewing film (each)12
    DX2Occlusal (each)31.9
    DX4Other extra film (each)31.9
    DX6Lateral or antero-posterior head films67
    DX7Sedation (age appropriate)90
     Emergency temporary cover 
    DT1Emergency temporary cover31.9
     General oral surgery 
    DG1Extraction of permanent or deciduous tooth per first tooth105
    DG2Surgical removal of tooth or tooth fragment (root fracture)159.4
    DG3Removal of unerupted tooth or teeth in fracture line278.9
    DG4Extraction of subsequent permanent or deciduous tooth in same quadrant as for DG175
    DG5Management of minor (less than 1 cm) or moderate (1 to 2 cms) lacerations by suturing per operative site159.4
    DG6Management of serious (over 2 cms) lacerations by suturing site275
    DG7Incision and drainage abscess cellulitis215.2
    DG8Excision of traumatic mucous cyst262
    DG9Removal of root from maxillary sinus294.9
    DG10Splint application or removal (per tooth)66.7
    DG11Cleaning of wound and removal of debris66.7
    DG14Reduction of fractured alveolar process100
    DG15Repositioning of displaced tooth (per tooth)50
    DG16Replacing avulsed tooth50
    DG17Occlusal adjustment (simple)33.3
    DG18Removal of plates, wires, and screws416.7
    DG19Jaw fractures non-surgical management143.4
    DG20Jaw fractures simple and moderate (simple methods of fixation)326.8
    DG21TMJ disorder conservative management143.4
    DG22Minor surgical operations not otherwise covered by this schedule143.4
    DG23Provision of bite splints240
    DR1Amalgam 1 surface filling (including 2 fillings on the one surface)70
    DR2Amalgam 2 surface filling (approximo-occlusal)90
    DR3Amalgam 3 surface filling (mesio-occlusal-distal)100
    DR4Amalgam restoration (including 1 or more cusps)130
    DR5Complex coronal reconstruction in amalgam145
    DR6Non-metallic simple fillings62.2
    DR7Non-metallic filling (more than 1 surface per tooth)123
    DR8Rebonding tooth fragment94.1
    DP1Partial denture (1 tooth)395
    DP2Each additional tooth (all dentures)20.8
    DP3Each clasp12.8
    DP4Lingual bar22.3
    DP5Metal framed partial denture (1 tooth)941
    DP6Plastic flexible denture, eg, Valplast (1 tooth)487.5
    DP7Transitional denture replacing missing tooth395
    DP8Full upper or lower denture637.5
    DP9Full upper and lower denture1,115.70
    DP10Rebasing full upper or lower denture255
    DP11Reline full denture175
    DP12Reline partial denture175
    DP13Repair (all types)57.4
     Crown and bridge 
     Temporary structure 
    DC1Temporary crown90
    DC2Temporary bridge (per unit)90
    DC3Indirect gold inlay/onlay298.8
    DC4Indirect resin inlay/onlay224.1
    DC5Indirect porcelain inlay/onlay298.3
    DC6Porcelain veneer675.8
    DC7Composite resin veneer175
    DC8Post (wrought or pre-formed)92.4
    DC9Composite or glass ionomer core62.2
    DC10Amalgam core62.2
    DC11Cast post and core (metal or ceramic)200
    DC12Complex reconstruction in composite resin, direct175
    DC13Stainless steel crown79.7
    DC14Acrylic jacket crown382.5
    DC15All ceramic crown800
    DC16Porcelain fused to metal crown771.4
    DC17Cast gold crown (full and three-quarters)730
    DC18Indirect composite bridge (per unit)235.9
    DC19Maryland bridge (per unit)294.9
    DC20Direct composite bridge (per unit)259.9
    DC21All ceramic bridge (per unit)637.5
    DC22Porcelain fused to metal bridge (per unit)637.5
    DC23Gold bridge (per unit)637.5
    DC24Stress breaker/precision attachment in bridge31.9
    DC25Recementing crown/bridge/veneer/inlay31.9
    DN2Irrigation and dressing of root canal system95.7
    DN3Complete preparation and obturation of root canal (per canal)---open or closed apex320
    DN5Apicectomy and retrograde filling (per canal)300
    DN6Removal of root filling (per canal)240.7
    DN7Removal of post or post crown240.7
    DN8Bleaching, 1 non-vital tooth (per treatment)150
    DN9Pulp capping40
    DN10Removal of a fractured post or instrument240.7
    DN11Internal repair of perforation240.7
    DN12Surgical repair of perforation240.7
    DN13Negotiation of a calcified canal (can be used with item DN3)240.7
    DD1Gingivectomy (per tooth)148.3
    DD2Surgical crown lengthening (per tooth)350
    DD3Pericision (per tooth)95.7
    DD4Surgical subgingival curettage (per tooth)95.7
    DD7Site preparation for dental implant350
    DD8Placement of membrane375
    DD9Substitute bone material150
     Dental implants 
    DM1Resilient linings (tooth or teeth)72
    DM2Fixture head impressions and copings (per fixture)385
    DM3Dental implant crown (per single unit)1,200.00
    DM4Dental stent and guide (per fixture)130
    DM5Definitive abutment (per fixture)385
    DM6Temporary abutment (per fixture)48
    DM7Repairs to abutments (per fixture)83.3
     Claimants under 18 years old 
    DY1Dental consultation, including examination63
    DY2Periodic oral examination/review45
    DY3Periapical or bitewing film (each)12
    DY5Sedation (age appropriate), covers IV and IM (not oral sedation)90
    DY6Emergency temporary cover35
    DY7Extraction permanent tooth or deciduous tooth (per tooth)105
    DY8Surgical removal of tooth or root200
    DY9Repositioning of displaced tooth (per tooth)60
    DY10Replacing avulsed tooth60
    DY11Non-metallic filling123.25
    DY12Rebonding tooth fragment110
    DY13Partial denture (1 tooth)395
    DY14Temporary crown120
    DY15Temporary bridge (per unit)120
    DY16Complex reconstruction in composite resin, direct175
    DY17Complete preparation and obturation of root canal per canal closed apex (either item DY17 or DY18 but not both)320
    DY18Complete preparation and obturation of open apexed tooth per tooth (either DY18 or DY17 but not both)360
    DY19Bleaching, 1 non-vital tooth (per treatment)180
    DY20Pulp capping40
    DY21Surgical decoronation420

Rebecca Kitteridge,

Acting for Clerk of the Executive Council.

Explanatory note

This note is not part of the regulations, but is intended to indicate their general effect.

These regulations, which come into force on 1 April 2005, replace that part of the Schedule of the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003 relating to dentists' costs. The new part of the Schedule—

  • increases the amounts payable for dental procedures for ACC treatment for claimants over 18 years and for claimants under 18 years where treatment is not provided for on the list that relates to claimants under 18 years; and

  • changes the descriptions of certain dental procedures to better align them with current clinical practice.

Issued under the authority of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989.

Date of notification in Gazette: 24 February 2005.

  • 1 SR 2003/388