Civil Aviation (Offences) Amendment Regulations 2006

5 Schedule 3 amended
  • Schedule 3 is amended by—

    • (a) omitting (who is referred to as the defendant); and

    • (b) omitting of defendant and substituting of person; and

    • (c) omitting Address: and substituting Full address:; and

    • (d) inserting (To be provided for filing in court) under Service details; and

    • (e) omitting : [full name], on [date] and substituting [full name] on [date of service] at [full address of service]; and

    • (f) omitting Registered or ordinary post on: [date] and substituting Postal service on [date of service] to [full address of service]; and

    • (g) omitting your address from the paragraph headed Questions and other correspondence in the notes and substituting your full address.