Radiocommunications Amendment Regulations 2007

13 New regulations 46A and 46B inserted
  • The following regulations are inserted after regulation 46:

    46A Meaning of inappropriate receivers
    • For the purposes of the Act, an inappropriate receiver is declared to be an apparatus that is intended to receive VHF-FM sound broadcasting transmissions and that was not originally manufactured to receive sound broadcasting transmissions on all frequencies in the range of frequencies beginning at 87.5 MHz and ending at 108 MHz, whether or not the apparatus is used in conjunction with another associated apparatus, positioned between the receiver and the antenna, that is intended to allow the reception of sound broadcasting transmissions on all frequencies in that range.

    46B Another class of law enforcement official
    • For the purposes of section 133A(2)(b) of the Act, employees or agents of the Department of Corrections are another class of law enforcement official.