Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Trust Account) Regulations 2008

13 Form and approval of trust receipts
  • (1) Where a practice produces its trust receipts by computer,—

    • (a) every issue of a trust receipt must be recorded electronically; and

    • (b) the computer system must, as far as practicable, ensure that the electronic record cannot be altered or deleted.

    (2) Where a practice obtains trust receipt forms from an outside supplier, the supplier must first be approved by the relevant society.

    (3) All trust receipts must be numbered sequentially and must include the following:

    • (a) the name of the practice:

    • (b) the person from whom the trust money is received:

    • (c) the person to be credited with the trust money:

    • (d) a brief description of the purpose for which the trust money is received:

    • (e) the amount, in words and figures, of trust money received:

    • (f) the date of issue of the trust receipt:

    • (g) the signature of the practitioner, cashier, or other person authorised by the practice to sign trust receipts:

    • (h) the words official receipt form for trust moneys:

    • (i) an indication whether the trust money is received by cheque, cash, or bank transfer.