Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

31 Effect and consequences of suspension


A suspension under regulation 30(1) takes effect on a day specified in the notice effecting it, and may be immediate.


A suspension under regulation 30(2) or (3) takes effect on a day (at least 21 days after the day on which the notice effecting it is given) specified in that notice.


A notice suspending a licence must specify the conditions under which the suspension will be revoked.


A person who has custody of a licence and becomes aware that it has been suspended under regulation 30 must give it to the Secretary.


If the Secretary is satisfied that the conditions specified in the notice suspending a licence have been complied with, or no longer need to be complied with, and the licence has not been cancelled, the Secretary must either—


revoke the suspension and (if the Secretary has custody of the licence) return the licence to the service provider; or


revoke the suspension and reclassify the licence as a provisional licence under regulation 15.