Real Estate Agents (Audit) Regulations 2009

15 Duty to provide monthly list of balances and reconciliation statement
  • (1) Every agency must, at the end of each month, reconcile the balance of the agency's trust accounts to—

    • (a) the balance of the agency's cash book; and

    • (b) the total of the balances in the list required under subclause (3)(a).

    (2) Every agency must keep the reconciliation statements prepared in accordance with subclause (1) in the agency's cash book, or in any other appropriate manner.

    (3) Unless subclause (4) applies, every agency must, by 27 January and the 20th day of every other month, give to the agency's auditor—

    • (a) a list of the balances in each client ledger account, and of the amount of money (if any) in each trust account, as at the end of the last preceding month or balance period; and

    • (b) the reconciliation statement referred to in subclause (1) for that month.

    (4) If there is no money in any of the agency's trust accounts at the end of any month, the agency must give to the auditor a nil return.