Education (2011 School Staffing) Order 2010

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Education (2011 School Staffing) Order 2010

Anand Satyanand, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 13th day of September 2010

His Excellency the Governor-General in Council

Pursuant to section 91H of the Education Act 1989, His Excellency the Governor-General, acting on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council, makes the following order.


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Application

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

4 Purpose of this order

5 Overview of this order


6 Interpretation: general

7 Interpretation: rolls

8 Weighted roll

9 Specialist instruction roll

Proportions of FTTE

10 Proportions of FTTE

Years of schooling

11 Years of schooling in primary, area, or special schools

12 Years of schooling in intermediate schools

13 Years of schooling in high schools

Part 2
Limitations on employment of teachers and principals

Regular teachers

14 Employment of regular teachers

15 Employment involving salary units

16 Number of salary units calculated for primary, intermediate (except restricted composite), or special schools

17 Number of salary units calculated for high schools

18 Number of salary units calculated for area schools or restricted composite schools

19 Employment of part-time teachers at high schools and area schools

20 Employment involving senior management allowances at high schools

21 Employment involving middle management allowances in high schools

22 Employment involving middle management allowances in area schools


23 Employment of principals

24 Employment of deputy or assistant principals at primary and intermediate schools

25 Employment of associate principals at high schools

26 Grades for principals

Part 3
Components of limitations

Total regular staffing allowance

27 Total regular staffing allowance

28 Entitlement staffing

29 Special education staffing allowance

30 Special education management allowance

31 Supplementary learning support time allowance

32 Beginning teacher allowance

33 Head of department beginning teacher time allowance for high schools and area schools

34 Resource teacher support allowance

35 Supplementary learning support teacher support allowance

36 Overseas teacher time allowance for high schools and area schools

37 Overseas teacher time allowance for schools other than high schools and area schools

38 Study support grant time allowance for high schools and area schools

39 Classroom release time allowance

40 Tuakana-teina allowance

41 Specialist classroom teacher time allowance for high schools

42 Specialist teacher time allowance for area schools

43 Activity centre allowance for high schools

44 Teen parent unit allowance for high schools

45 Te Atakura allowance for high schools and area schools

46 Instrumental and vocal music tuition allowance for high schools, area schools, and restricted composite schools

47 Itinerant music teacher allowance for high schools

48 Attached unit allowance for special schools

Adjustments to schools' total regular staffing entitlements through transfer of staffing entitlements between schools

49 Transfer of staffing entitlements

50 Application of clause 49 to special education

Formula-generated staffing allowance

51 Formula-generated staffing allowance

52 Curriculum delivery allowance

53 Adjustments to calculation of curriculum delivery allowance for any school with primary roll

54 Management time allowance

55 Additional guidance allowance for high schools, area schools, restricted composite schools, and special schools

Part 4

Rolls estimated and notified soon after commencement of order

56 Boards must estimate rolls

57 Secretary must estimate and notify provisional rolls

Ascertaining, notifying, and confirming March and October rolls from March 2011 onwards

58 Board must ascertain and notify March rolls

59 Secretary must confirm March rolls if notice received from board

60 Secretary must ascertain March rolls if notice not received from board

61 Secretary must estimate primary school rolls as at 10 October 2011

How certain types of students are treated for purposes of determining rolls

62 Certain students not counted

63 Part-time students enrolled in high schools or in area schools

Part 5
Provisions relating to specified schools or types of school

Application of Parts 3 and 4 to schools listed in Schedules 7 to 10

64 Provisions in Parts 3 and 4 that apply to schools in this Part

Entitlement staffing, principal's grade, and salary units of schools listed in Schedules 7 to 10

65 Health camps

66 Child, Youth, and Family residential centre

67 Special residential schools

68 Regional hospital and health schools

Part 6

69 Special reason

70 Board-funded teachers

71 Overriding of clause 14(1) and (2) for supernumerary teachers after notice of provisional rolls

72 Overriding of clause 14(1) and (2) based on employment over all 2011 school year

73 Suspension of clause 72 if 10% limit exceeded

74 Exemption for surplus to carry over until 31 March 2011

75 Roll increases

76 Time allowance for teachers on long-term training

77 Resource teachers

78 Supplementary learning support teachers

79 Protection of supernumerary teachers

80 Reading recovery in primary and area schools

81 Normal and model schools

82 Maintenance of specified programmes in high schools and area schools

83 Protection of associate principals in high schools

84 Deaf and hearing-impaired students

85 Blind and vision-impaired students

Part 7

86 Revocation

Schedule 1
Grades for principals' positions

Schedule 2
Activity centre allowance

Schedule 3
Teen parent unit allowance

Schedule 4
Instrumental and vocal music tuition

Schedule 5
Provision of additional salary units for resource teachers

Schedule 6
Units attached to special schools

Schedule 7
Entitlement staffing, etc, of special schools at children's health camps

Schedule 8
Entitlement staffing, etc, of special schools at Child, Youth, and Family residential centre

Schedule 9
Entitlement staffing, etc, for special residential schools

Schedule 10
Entitlement staffing, etc, for regional hospital and health schools

Schedule 11
Provision for regional staffing structure at schools for hearing-impaired students

Explanatory note

Administrative information