High Court Fees Regulations 2013

29 Transitional provision


In respect of a proceeding commenced before 1 July 2013,—


an enactment revoked by regulations 25 to 28 continues to apply in respect of any step taken before 1 July 2013; and


these regulations apply in respect of any step taken on or after that date.


However, in respect of a hearing described in subclause (3),—


regulations 9 to 14 of these regulations and items 17 to 20 of the fees table do not apply; and


regulations 11, 11A, and 12 and items 6 to 9 of the Schedule of the High Court Fees Regulations 2001 continue to apply.


Subclause (2) applies to a hearing if the Registrar notifies the parties of the scheduled hearing date before 1 July 2013.