District Courts Rules 2014

  • not the latest version

Form 49
Application for charging order without notice

r 19.24(2)

In the District Court at [place]

No: [number of proceeding]

Between [name] (judgment creditor)

And [name] (judgment debtor)

To the Registrar
  • 1 The judgment creditor/duly authorised agent of the judgment creditor* applies to the District Court at [place] for the making of a charging order under section 96A of the District Courts Act 1947.

    *Select one.
  • 2 The charging order sought is an interim charging order/final charging order* affecting the property of the judgment debtor known as [specify nature and location of the property].

    *Select one.
  • 3 The order is sought on the grounds set out in the attached affidavit.



This application is filed by [name], whose address for service is at [address].

Application filed: [date, time, initials]

Order made: [date, time, initials]