Companies Act 1993 Amendment Regulations (No 2) 2014

Form 10
Notice of change of directors or directors’ particulars

Section 159(1), Companies Act 1993

If there is insufficient space on the form to supply the information required, attach a separate sheet containing the information set out in the prescribed format.

Company name:

Company No:

Director(s) ceasing to hold office (if applicable)

Provide the following information in the prescribed format for every director who ceases to hold office.

First name(s):*


Residential address:

Date on which director ceased to hold office:

*Please provide director's full legal name.
Appointment of new director(s) (if applicable)

Provide the following information in the prescribed format for every newly appointed director.

First name(s):*


Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Residential address:

Email address (optional):

Date of appointment:

*Please provide director's full legal name.
If the director resides in an enforcement country, also provide the following information.

Is the director the director of any company* in the country in which he or she resides: Yes/No†

*Except the equivalent in that country of an overseas company.
†Select one.
If yes, provide the following information about the company.

Company’s registered name:

Registered number or identifier (if any):

Address of registered office:*

Address for service:†

*The address of the registered office must be provided if the company is required by its country of registration to have a registered office.
†The address for service is not required if the address of the registered office has been provided.
Change of name or residential address of director

Attach separate sheet for multiple entries.

Director’s first name(s):*

Director’s surname:*

Director’s residential address:

Director’s former surname:†

Director’s former first name(s):†

Director’s former residential address:†

Date of change (dd/mm/yy):

*Provide full legal name.
†Complete only if applicable.
Authorised person


Full legal name of authorised person:

Title of authorised person:

Signature of authorised person:

Note: An authorised person cannot be a director who has resigned.

Details of person completing this form




Email address:

Telephone No:

Fax No (if any):