Financial Advisers (Personalised DIMS) Regulations 2014

Eligibility criteria for being authorised for providing personalised DIMS

5 Eligibility criteria prescribed
  • (1) This regulation prescribes criteria for the purposes of section 54(a)(iiia) of the Act for a person (A) to be authorised (under section 55(1)(b) or (d), or section 55(1)(b) and (d), of the Act) in respect of providing a personalised DIMS.

    (2) The eligibility criteria are—

    • (a) A is capable of performing effectively the personalised DIMS (having regard to—

      • (i) the proposed conditions of A’s authorisation; and

      • (ii) the arrangements of any other person involved in the provision of the personalised DIMS); and

    • (b) there is no reason to believe that A is likely to contravene all or any of A’s obligations under the Act or the regulations.