Health and Safety at Work (Worker Engagement, Participation, and Representation) Regulations 2016

Schedule 1 Transitional, savings, and related provisions

r 4

Part 1 Provisions relating to regulations as made

1 Transitional provision regarding training


This clause applies to a person who, immediately before the commencement of these regulations, was a trained health and safety representative within the meaning of section 46A(1) of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.


For the purposes of sections 70(a) and 85(a) of the Act, the person has completed initial training if he or she completes the transition training defined in subclause (4).


For the purposes of subclause (2), transition training begun or completed before or after the commencement of these regulations may be taken into account.


In these regulations, transition training means the course—


that is called Health and Safety Representative Transition Training; and


that is to be provided for a temporary period by Safety-N Action Limited; and


that covers—


knowledge of the requirements under the Act and the benefits of effective worker engagement, participation, and representation practices:


representing workers on health and safety issues:


making recommendations on health and safety to a PCBU:


entering workplaces to conduct inspections:


directing workers to cease work that exposes them to serious or imminent danger:


issuing provisional improvement notices to address a health and safety problem:


the role and function of health and safety representatives.