Health and Safety at Work (Petroleum Exploration and Extraction) Regulations 2016

  • This version contains corrections to regulations 39(b), 40(3) and 48(1) under section 25(1)(j)(i), (ii) and (iv) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Part 7 Notifiable incidents and emergencies

Declaration of notifiable incidents

70 Declaration of notifiable incidents

The following incidents arising out of, or in connection with, an installation are declared to be notifiable incidents under section 24(1)(m) of the Act:


an event that did not cause, but might reasonably be expected to have caused, a major accident:


a well kick that either—


exceeds 8 cubic metres (or 50 barrels); or


requires the well to be shut-in:


an uncontrolled release of hydrocarbon vapour exceeding 1 kilogram:


an uncontrolled release of petroleum liquids exceeding 80 litres:


the failure of any part of a well whose failure would cause or contribute to, or whose purpose is to prevent or limit the effect of, the unintentional release of fluids from the well or a reservoir being drawn on by the well:


damage to, or failure of, a safety-critical element that requires intervention to ensure it will operate as designed:


a fire or an explosion at an installation:


the uncontrolled or unintentional release or escape of any substance (other than petroleum) on or from an installation, where that release or escape has the potential to cause serious risk to the health and safety of any person:


an unintended collapse of—


an installation; or


any part of an installation; or


any plant on an installation, where that collapse jeopardises, or could have jeopardised, the integrity of the installation:


subsidence or local collapse of the seabed or ground that could have affected the foundations, or the integrity, of an installation:


an unplanned event (other than a false alarm) that requires the emergency response plan to be implemented:


damage to an installation caused by adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, or other natural events that have the potential to cause a serious risk to the health and safety of any person:


a collision between a vessel, an aircraft, or a vehicle and an installation that results in damage to the installation, the vessel, the aircraft, or the vehicle:


a failure of equipment required to maintain a floating offshore installation on station:


an incident involving loss of stability or buoyancy of a floating offshore installation.