Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

9.36 Compliance certificate for outdoor pyrotechnic displays


A PCBU who directs the carrying out of an outdoor pyrotechnic display that uses only outdoor pyrotechnics must obtain a compliance certificate at least 3 working days before the display to certify that the planning for the proposed display specifies the following:


that a certified handler has an appropriate certificate of competency for conducting a display that involves firing to the height planned:


that the boundary of a discharge area is as specified in regulation 9.33, and the boundary of the exclusion zone is as specified in regulation 9.34:


the requirements of regulation 9.38:


the number and type of pyrotechnic articles to be used in the display:


that the requirements of regulation 9.35(2), (3), and (4) have been met:


in the case of an aerial display that involves firing to heights over 60 m, the requirements of regulation 9.39(2)(a), (b), (d), (e), (f), and (i).


A PCBU who contravenes this regulation commits an offence and is liable on conviction,—


for an individual, to a fine not exceeding $10,000:


for any other person, to a fine not exceeding $50,000.

Compare: SR 2001/116 r 40