Supplementary Order Paper No 160

No 160

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trans-Tasman Proceedings Bill

Proposed amendments

Hon Simon Power, in Committee, to move the following amendments:

Part 2
Trans-Tasman proceedings

Subpart 2—New Zealand courts declining jurisdiction on grounds that Australian court is more appropriate forum

Clause 26

To omit all (line 21 on page 26) and substitute the.

Subpart 3—New Zealand courts giving interim relief in support of civil proceedings in Australian courts

Clause 31

To omit subclauses (2) and (3) (lines 5 to 10 on page 29).

Subpart 4—Remote appearances unrelated to remote evidence

Clause 33A

To insert section 23(4) or after in accordance with (line 16 on page 31).

Clause 39

Subclause (1): to insert section 23(4) or, as the case requires, under before leave given (line 24 on page 34).

Subclause (1): to insert the defendant who made under section 23(4)(c) a request to appear remotely or, as the case requires, before the applicant for that leave (lines 24 and 25 on page 34).

Clause 40

To insert section 23(4) or after under (line 35 on page 34).

Clause 54

Subclause (1)(b): to omit working day of that court (line 19 on page 43) and substitute day.

Subclause (2): to omit where that term appears for the first time (line 21 on page 43).

Schedule 2

Part 1—Amendments to Acts

Amendment to heading of section 170 of Evidence Act 2006

To insert and before submissions (line 25 on page 68).

New section 173 of Evidence Act 2006

To omit Australian Act (lines 9 and 10 on page 70) and substitute Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act 2010 (Aust).

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper sets out amendments to the Trans-Tasman Proceedings Bill.

Clause 26 is amended to align its wording with that of clause 24.

Clause 31(2) and (3) are omitted because they are considered unnecessary in a trans-Tasman context and may unnecessarily discourage New Zealand courts from giving interim relief in support of proceedings in Australian courts.

Clauses 33A, 39, 40, and 54 and Schedule 2 are amended to correct or improve their drafting.