Supplementary Order Paper No 497

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper proposes amendments to the COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill. The amendments—

  • provide for the repeal of the Act within a specified period if the House of Representatives does not resolve to continue the Act within that period:

  • amend clause 9 to clarify the Government decisions to which the Minister of Health may have regard in making a clause 11 order:

  • amend clause 11(1) to provide that the orders must clearly specify the actions, measures, or prohibitions required and to clarify that information needed for contact-tracing can be required:

  • amend clause 12 to provide that a breach of a condition of an exemption or condition of an authorisation is a breach of the provision of the order to which that exemption or authorisation relates:

  • amend clause 18 to confine the power to appoint authorised persons to persons employed or engaged by the Crown:

  • amend clause 20 to remove the references to private dwellinghouse or marae, and replace them with the term specified private premises (which is defined as a private dwellinghouse or marae). This clause is also amended to include a requirement for any exercise of warrantless entry power onto marae to be reported to the relevant marae committee:

  • amend clause 22 so that only constables and enforcement officers acting under their authority can totally or partially prohibit or restrict public access, with or without vehicles, to any road or public place in an area:

  • insert new clause 24A to provide that directions under subpart 3 of Part 2 can be given verbally or in writing:

  • amend clause 1 of Schedule 1 to provide that section 70 orders continue in force for enforcement purposes:

  • include drafting changes to improve the clarity and effectiveness of the Bill.

The Honourable David Parker, in Committee, to propose the amendments shown in the following document.