Access keys

The site can be navigated without a mouse using access keys. These are shortcut keys that will take you to commonly used pages, and help you navigate within a document.

To use these shortcut keys on a PC, hold down the Alt key (in Internet Explorer or Chrome), or Alt + Shift (in Firefox, or Chrome in some circumstances), with an access key from the table below. On an Apple Macintosh, hold down the Ctrl key or Ctrl + Option keys (in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, depending on version), with an access key from the table below. You may have to press Enter to confirm your choice, depending on the browser used.

Please note that certain access keys, particularly those for navigation within a document, may not work with some versions of some browsers.

Navigating around the website

Key Function
[ Skip to main content
a Advanced search
b Browse
s About this site
g What's on the site and how it works
k Contact us
n News
m Site map
w Glossary
l About legislation
t Access keys
y Accessibility
q Copyright
p Privacy
d Disclaimer

Navigating within a document

Key Function
u previous section
i next section
, [comma] previous hit
. [full stop] next hit