Observance of Due Process of Law Statute 1368

Observance of Due Process of Law Statute 1368

Imperial Act
Date of assent1 May 1368


Source: New Zealand Parliamentary Library, International Documents Collection

3 None shall be put to answer without due process of law
  • ITEM, at the request of the Commons by their petitions put forth in this Parliament, to eschew the mischiefs and damages done to divers of his Commons by false accusers, which oftentimes have made their accusations more for revenge and singular benefit, than for the profit of the King, or of his people, which accused persons, some have been taken, and sometime1 caused to come before the King's Council by writ, and otherwise upon grievous pain against the law: It is assented and accorded, for the good governance of the Commons, that no man be put to answer without presentment before Justices, or matter of record, or by due process and writ original, according to the old law of the land: And if any thing from henceforth be done to the contrary, it shall be void in the law, and holden for error.

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