Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1913

Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1913

Imperial Act21
Date of assent15 August 1913

An Act to make further provision with respect to the number and duties of Lords of Appeal in Ordinary and with respect to the constitution of the Court of Appeal and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

3 Provisions as to Colonial Judges becoming members of the Judicial Committee
  • (1) [Repealed]

    (2) Section 1 of the said Act shall have effect as if the persons named therein included any person being or having been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Africa.

    (3) [Repealed]

    (4) The enactments mention in the Schedule are hereby repealed to the extent mentioned in the 3rd column of that Schedule, and in the Schedule to the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1908 (Imp), for the words Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Transvaal, Orange River Colony there shall be substituted the words the Union of South Africa.

    Section 3(1): repealed, by section 13 of the Administration of Justice Act 1928 (Imp).

    Section (3): repealed, on . by section 13of the Administration of Justice Act 1928 (Imp).

4 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1913 (Imp).

Enactments repealed

  • The item relating to section 3(2) Appellante Jurisdiction Act 1908 was repealed by section 4(1) Imperial Laws Application Act 1988.

Session and Chapter Short Title Extent of Repeal
58 and 59 Vict c 44 

The Judicial Committee Amendment Act 1895 (Imp)


In section 1, the words or either of the South African Colonies mentioned in the said Schedule.


In the Schedule, the words South African Colonies, Cape of Good Hope, Natal.