Methodist Charitable and Educational Trusts Act 1911


Whereas the pieces or parcels of land described in Schedules 1, 3, and 3 were granted by the Crown to the persons named, and to be held upon the trusts and for the purposes expressed in those Schedules:

And whereas an institution or school established on the land secondly described in Schedule 1, and known as the Three Kings Institution, has been carried on for the past 50 years and upwards under the general superintendence of the authorities from time to time (now the Conference) of what is now called or known as the Methodist Church of Australasia in New Zealand, and the rents and profits from all the said lands have been used in aid of the said institution or school (hereinafter referred to as the said institution):

And whereas it is considered that the efficiency and development of the said institution will be promoted if a site for the same be provided that will be better adapted for agriculture and be otherwise more suitable for the purposes of the said institution, and if provision be made enabling all the lands granted as aforesaid to be turned to better account as endowments in aid of such institution:

And whereas it is also desirable that such other provisions should be made concerning the premises as hereinafter appear:

And whereas such objects and provisions are not attainable otherwise than by legislation.